National Security Minor Expanding

In 2009 UNL won a multimillion-dollar grant to create a set of national security programs on campus aimed at helping students begin a career path in the US Intelligence Community. UNL was charged with creating both curricular and extra curricular programming for students who wanted to pursue a career in intelligence. Since its creation the National Security program at UNL has continued to grow well beyond its initial mandate.

Today the program boasts a growing minor that helps students from multiple majors and colleges across campus learn more about careers in intelligence and analysis in national security. The NSST minor also helps students build writing, briefing, and analytical skills through classes that are unique to UNL and reflect our conversations with hiring managers and experts in the national security enterprise. The NSST minor is the perfect way to augment a major and give students an endorsement in national security. This combination will not only expose students to classes unique in the Big Ten but also make them more competitive in the national security job market.

The UNL National Security program also features an Intelligence Community (IC) Scholars program geared directly toward students who want to become national security analysts. This competitive program has led many UNL students to jobs in intelligence analysis at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) among many others. Finally, the National Security Program is the sponsor of the Great Plains National Security Education Community (GPNSEC) which is a student run RSO, focusing on stimulating conversations and interest in all matters national security. In the past GPNSEC has held well-publicized public panel discussions on the Syrian refugee crisis and Russian meddling in our elections. The National Security program and the NSST minor feature a diverse group of students from all backgrounds and majors who are interested in public service! You can learn more about the program including the IC Scholar program here: You can also contact Dr. Tyler White at: for more information on the minor.

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