CSE Assistant Professors Are Off to a Great Start

Dr. Detweiler's project on robotic water sampling
Dr. Detweiler's project on robotic water sampling

UNL CSE has been fortunate to hire some great new faculty in recent years. As of this past summer, all six of the department's assistant tenure-track professors have received external funding as principal investigators totaling $4.8 million. Their projects reflect the inter-disciplinary nature of computing research
involving collaborators from Limnology (surface water science), Ecology, Journalism, Biochemistry, and Nutrition:

-Juan Cui received $450,000 for “Bioinformatics-guided discovery of dietary microRNA signals in obesity,” part of the UNL NIH COBRE funded through the Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases through Dietary Molecules (see http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/113-million-nih-grant-funds-obesity-research-center/)

-Carrick Detweiler received $956,000 for “Co-Aerial-Ecologist: Robotic Water Sampling and Sensing in the Wild” via the USDA; $390,000 for “Adaptive and Autonomous Energy Management on a Sensor Network Using Aerial Robots” and $250,000 for “Adaptive Sampling with Robots for Marine Observations” via the National Science Foundation (NSF).

-Massimiliano Pierebon received $300,000 for “TelePathy: Telecommunication Systems Modeling and Engineering of Cell Communication Pathways” via the NSF.

-Anita Sarma received from the NSF $500,000 for “CAREER: Conflict Minimization in Distributed Software Development”; $857,000 for “Variations to Support Exploratory Programming”; and $280,000 for “Large-Scale Human-Centered Coordination Systems to Support Interdependent Tasks in Context.”

-Hongfeng Yu received $397,000 for “A Scalable Visual Analytics Framework for Exascale Scientific Simulations” via the NSF.

-Ziguo Zhong received $500,000 for “Advancing Time Synchronization for Sustainable Wireless Networks” via the NSF.

Recent UNL CSE doctoral graduates have also gotten off to a good start in their academic and research careers as principal investigators:

-Kathryn Stolee, Iowa State University, received NSF funding for “Demonstrating the Feasibility of Automatic Program Repair Guided by Semantic Code Search”

-Elena Sherman, Boise State University, received NSF funding for both “Mapping Software Analysis Problems to Efficient and Accurate Constraints” and “Open-Source Cartesian Adaptive Complex Terrain Atmospheric Flow Solver for GPU Clusters”

-Qinping Tao, GC Image, received NSF funding for “Sample Classification and Biomarker Discovery by Comprehensive Metabolic Analysis”

-Yong Wang, Dakota State University, received funding from the NSF for “Acquisition of Equipment to Establish Mobile Testing” and “Infrastructure for Bring Your Own Device Research and Education”

Congratulations to all and here's to another good year for the UNL CSE Department!