Enroll in ELEC/ECEN 305 summer course

Enroll in ELEC/ECEN 305
Enroll in ELEC/ECEN 305

Students interested in taking ELEC/ECEN 305 have the option to take the class this summer.

ELEC/ECEN 305: "Probability Theory and Statistics for Electrical and Computer Engineers" (unofficially, "How I Learned How to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Uncertainty")

Credit hours: 3

Instructor: Michael Hoffman, 225N SLNK
Email: mhoffman1@unl.edu
Phone: 402 472-1979
-email preferred for most simple, non-urgent issues.

Class Meetings: 8-week session: May 15, 2017 thru July 7, 2017

Monday–Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., 237 Scott Engineering Center

Course number: ECEN 305 (3cr) Class number: 14265
Pre-Requisite: Calculus III (Math 208 at UNL)
(Note: MyRed has ELEC/ECEN 304 listed as pre-req. If you need an access code, send an email request: mhoffman1@unl.edu)

ELEC/ECEN 305 Course Description:
In this course we will formalize the various bits of probability and statistics that you have seen throughout your academic career in order to provide a sound basis for our understanding of and mathematical efficiency with probability theory. While simple problems can be solved with our historical knowledge and intuition, there are very many practical applications in Electrical and Computer Engineering for which the answers to our probabilistic questions may be difficult to compute and/or completely counter-intuitive. Many of the tools we need to know for probability theory we already have (set theory, differential and integral calculus, infinite series, etc.). In this class we put those tools to use to solve practical, real world problems and answer interesting questions.

Text: "Probability and Stochastic Processes (Second Edition)" by Roy D. Yates and David J. Goodman. Wiley, 2009. Note: This second edition is no longer supported by the publisher, but it is widely available (and inexpensive) as a used book.