Apply to be an undergraduate TA for the fall semester

Apply to be an undergraduate TA this fall.
Apply to be an undergraduate TA this fall.

During this spring semester, about 60 undergraduates teamed up with CSE graduate TAs to deliver our educational program to fellow students. Growth is expected to continue, so we may need still more TAs for the coming fall semester.

Being an undergraduate TA includes a mix of the following duties depending on what works with your course instructor and TA team members:
1) Helping in lab
2) Office hours in SRC
3) Helping in recitation
4) Email contact with students
5) Participate in TA coordinating meetings for the course
6) Grading
7) Prepare homeworks and quizzes
8) Flexible hours - you are paid for the hours you work and arrange for, which can change each week.

1) Prepared to assist with the assigned course (such as good grade in CSCE 155A the previous semester),
2) Academic good standing,
3) Clean record on integrity,
4) UNL student for the semester.

1) Learn better through the review and teaching others.
2) Earn $11 per hour on whatever schedule works for you and your assigned course instructor.
3) Win potential awards at end-of-year appreciation events.
4) Boost your resume.
5) Get good reference letters.
6) Build teaching skills.

1) Go to and create an account and/or log in.
2) Update your academic details.
3) Enter your preferences. It will be easier for you and me if you simply indicate your favorites as a 4 (good) or a 5 (best), and ignore all the rest. Don’t even set them to 1 or 2 because that creates clutter for my view.
4) I will be reviewing applications as I am able, hopefully to get a first draft out sometime in May.
5) Respond to the first draft as appropriate.

Needs (these are likely needs, based on current and anticipated enrollments)
CSCE 101
CSCE 230
CSCE 235
CSCE 296 section 150 (the new CSCE 231 for Comp Sci students)
CSCE 310
CSCE 322
CSCE 351
CSCE 361
CSCE 423
CSCE 457

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