Graphic Designer, UNL Student Involvement Marketing and Communications

SI Content Area: Student Involvement Marketing and Communications
Job Title: Graphic Designer

Basic Function: Design and generate print-ready or web-ready marketing materials for the promotion of Student Involvement, Nebraska Unions, OASIS and Recognized Student Organization events and programs.

Student Involvement Responsibilities 10%
1. Participate as an active staff member in all Student Involvement training, orientation, and staff
development meetings, programs and committees.
2. Assist in the development of collaborative projects across other SI content areas whenever possible.
3. Assist in the development of collaborative projects with other campus offices/ departments/divisions as
opportunities arise to help achieve the goals and mission of Student Involvement.
4. Assist students and other customers of Student Involvement as needed.
5. Required attendance to two all staff trainings in Fall and Spring semester.

Content Area Responsibilities 90%
1. Create designs and artwork based on internal client needs and specifications.
2. Generate print/web-ready artwork within specified deadlines.
3. Maintain a data and print archive of projects.
4. Work within a team setting to create promotional materials that are effective for college students.

Special Qualifications (undergraduate positions only):
1. Proficiency in CS6 and similar software.
2. Experience in graphic design.
3. Ability to work with a team.

Hours Per Week: 10 - 15
Position Reports to: Mike Jackson
Work Location: 200 Nebraska Union
Pay Per Hour: $9.00
Position is available: Now and 2016-17 Academic Year

How to apply: