Procurement Staff Goes Above and Beyond

"Should I use my P-Card to purchase the water that we will be using to brew coffee for resale at our coffee shop? Do I need to get three quotes for this recycling container that we are wanting to buy to match our existing containers? I wonder if there is a prime supplier that I can use to buy this awesome new event podium for the Nebraska East Union? These are all questions that I have asked myself in the last couple months.

In thinking about my questions and the overall role Procurement Services provides in supporting our university, it quickly led to another question. How in the world does the procurement services staff manage all the random questions from others like me, amongst the purchasing policies and procedures we operate within? For me, the answer is fairly simple. It is the dedicated staff members that consistently go above and beyond to help provide solutions that fall within the policies and procedures, even for the most random procurement question.

Whether it is Sara helping us make furniture selections and assisting with purchases for a remodeled space, Dustin working with us to buy a new floor scrubber for the Children’s Center, or Julie and Roger helping our department issue a RFP for an exclusive caterer for the Unions, every person I have worked with in the department have been unbelievable. They are patient and willing to help find solutions that work for our department. Yes, there are many policies and procedures to follow, and yes, they can be confusing especially if you don’t work with them often, but as long as you are willing to work with the great staff in their department, I have found that you won’t be disappointed and in the end your department will either save money on your purchases or increase revenue on your contracts."
-Ryan Lahne, Senior Associate Director of Nebraska Unions

Procurement Services thanks Ryan for providing his supportive testimony!