Contract Templates are Pre-Approved

The Contracts Team in Procurement Services has a shared email address for tracking and review of contracts. Please submit all contract review requests to with the name of the Service Provider or Service Recipient in the subject line. The Contracts team currently has three templates pre-approved by University general counsel. The templates are regularly updated as laws change so they are stored in a Box folder. New contracts should be started from the appropriate template downloaded from the Box folder “UNIVERSITY TEMPLATES” to avoid missing updates. Please send an email to to request access to the Box folder “UNIVERSITY TEMPLATES”. Use of pre-approved templates is the way to “fast-track” your contract approval. The templates have track changes “locked” to facilitate the review process. When the template is complete, please send it to the shared email address for review. We will accept the appropriate changes and “unlock” the document before returning it for signatures. After July 1, 2017 only pre-approved templates will be accepted. No old templates will be accepted. Please contact the Contracts Team if you have questions at
Julie Snyder, Contracts Manager
Julie Hopp, Contract Specialist
Matt Thies, Sourcing Specialist