Matheson Delivery Changes for Maximum Efficiency

City Zones
City Zones

Matheson Tri-Gas, formerly Linweld, has been a valued supplier of specialty gases, dry ice, CO2 and liquid nitrogen to the university for 25 years. This partnership is vital to the research and daily lab operations in departments such as Chemistry, Biotechnology and Plant Science and Engineering. Matheson loyally serves our busy campuses every day!

Beginning July 10th, the Matheson service and delivery model will change to a scheduled weekly delivery that will help manage service levels, bring efficiency, control rising delivery costs, and even decrease our carbon footprint. Matheson and the University Procurement team are committed to maximizing value while meeting the needs of our esteemed faculty and staff.

New Delivery Service Model:
Effective July 10, 2017 for all Matheson Gas orders
• Scheduled delivery days assigned by campus location and sector: City #1 - Monday, City #2 - Friday, City #3 - Wednesday and East Campus - Tuesday
• Approved orders in eSHOP before 11:00 am the workday before your scheduled delivery day will be delivered on your scheduled day
• If no order in eSHOP, Matheson will not stop
• Grace period: July 10 through October 1, 2017
• Right-size dewars for volume requirements – filled to the size of the container
• Full refills only – no partial refills (safety concern)
• Will be billed per size of dewar, not per volume dispensed