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ITS News | Exam Services; New cert for eduroam; Patching and Browsers; MySupport upgrade postponed

New offices in Love North open Jan 11.
New offices in Love North open Jan 11.

Exam Services moves to ITS and North Commons

UNL Examination Services is reporting to Information Technology Services and is relocating offices to Love Library North beginning January 7, 2016. The new office will reside in the new Digital Learning Center (DLC), within the new Love Library North Commons project. The DLC will also house Continue reading…

New security cert for eduroam users, Dec 29

The upgrade will occur on Dec 29Users of the eduroam wifi service will need to click to approve a new security certificate for their device to connect to eduroam wifi, following a service upgrade on December 29. ITS is installing a higher capacity Access Control Server (ACS) which uses a new security certificate, adding Continue reading…

Notes on patching and supported browsers

Keep patched and use current browsersBeginning January 12, Microsoft is dropping support for Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Office 365 access and functionality using these browsers will be greatly diminished.

The December 8 Windows update from Microsoft fixed a major malware vulnerability that bypassed Outlook’s security features. Continue reading…

MySupport upgrade postponed

The system upgrade for the MySupport ticketing system, scheduled for the Holiday closedown has been postponed. Test users have identified a number of issues that will prevent UNL from migrating to the new version. Currently, ITS is working with the vendor to correct these issues, but they will not Continue reading…

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