Liedle Installed as President at May General Meeting

Liedle's installation
Liedle's installation

It is my greatest delight this afternoon that you all have bestowed your trust and faith in me as the incoming President of UNOPA. With all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve us all, I am of the belief that this journey will not be a smooth one if I am to walk it alone. Therefore, I thank my elected officers and committee directors, for it is through their synergism, guidance, and assistance that I am going to make sure that my theme, “Find the 'MAGIC' Within Ourselves” is going to be achieved.

“Find the 'MAGIC' Within Ourselves” is the theme I have chosen for my term as President of UNOPA. I hope to challenge each of you to find "Magic" within yourself to bring to UNOPA. That might be something as simple as sharing news of one of our members for the corresponding secretary to reach out to on behalf of UNOPA; recruiting a new member; volunteering to fill a vacancy on the UNOPA board; serving as a committee member to help our committee directors be successful; attending the monthly general meetings; making a new acquaintance at each meeting you attend; or something as big as stepping up to the plate to run for an elected office next year.

At this time, I would like to introduce my committee directors. Please come forward when I call your name. Awards, Sara Luther; Bylaws is currently vacant; CareerDevelopment/PSP, Debbi Hendricks and Lorraine Moon; Employee Concerns, Carol Wusk with co-director, LeAnn Frobom; Hospitality, Donna Bode; Membership, Alycia Libolt; Nominating is currently vacant; Outreach is currently vacant; Program, Barbara Homer; Presidential Advisor, Lola Young; UNOPA Notes, Lindsay Augustyn; Ways and Means, Marla Nissen with co-director currently vacant; Digital Commons, Jane Schneider; and Marketing, Kelsey Sims. Note that some of these vacancies may change if the UNOPA Bylaws and Standing Rules requested changes are approved by the membership which means I would only need to fill one vacancy (Bylaws/Nominating) for my committee directors. Please join me in thanking each of these ladies for stepping up to the challenge to serve as a committee director. You may now be seated.

“MAGIC” will also tie into my 50/50 Charity which you will learn more about at our September monthly general meeting.

Sylvana Airan entertained us throughout the installation with "Magic" acts.

As I begin this new journey, I look forward to working with all of you and representing UNOPA. It is my hope that we can all “Find the 'MAGIC' Within Ourselves” to continue growing UNOPA. Thank you for coming today.

Outgoing President Presentation:

I would like to ask Roddy to please come forward. Roddy, indeed you were an inspiration to all of us, and I would like to present you with the outgoing president’s gavel pin along with a plaque from UNOPA. Your dedication to UNOPA cannot go unnoticed and I look forward to working with you this next year. Thank you, Roddy!

~Tricia Liedle

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