President's message from Tricia Liedle

2017 meeting: Rose Frolik awardees and past UNOPA presidents
2017 meeting: Rose Frolik awardees and past UNOPA presidents

As I write my article today, the talk in the office has been about the upcoming possible weather change that Nebraska may experience in a few days. March and April have brought us weather that has been like a teeter-totter going up and down. Now we are hearing the words of possible snow or even a blizzard moving in to end April and open the month of May. As the saying goes, “wait 5-minutes and the weather will change in Nebraska,” and I am a true believer of this saying.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy belated “Administrative Professionals” week. This is a time many of us would like to be recognized for all the hard work we do. Some of us do not receive that recognition at this time of year, and I want to make sure you know you are very much appreciated for all you do for your co-workers and also for UNOPA to keep the “MAGIC” moving within our organization.

At the April general meeting, UNOPA had the honor of celebrating our past UNOPA presidents, with many in attendance. We also celebrated the UNOPA members who have recently retired from UNL (Belva Harris, Jan Wassenburg, and Jeanne Andelt). These ladies’ smiles and involvement in UNOPA are going to be missed immensely. Thank you to Jill Schurr, our corresponding secretary, for making this meeting special for all of the past presidents and retirees. See all photos at:

The April meeting is always the time of year when we get to celebrate our Founder, Rose Frolik, by awarding a UNOPA member with the Rose Frolik award. This year we had five wonderful and deserving nominees and they were: Alycia Harden from the College of Arts and Sciences; Andrea Peterson, from the College of Arts and Sciences; Debra Predmore, from the Bureau of Sociological Research; Marsha Yelden, from School of Vet Med & Biomedical Sciences; and Susan Thomas from HAPPI Business Center. Sandy Lineberry, who was a very dear friend of Rose Frolik, had the honor of presenting the award to Susan Thomas. Great job to everyone on the awards committee and to everyone who stepped up to the plate during Sara Luther’s maternity leave.

Don’t forget to bring box tops for education with you to the general meetings. The outreach committee members will collect those from you and at the end of this academic year I will deliver them to Trinity Lutheran elementary school. Every box top they earn helps them with improving a child’s education.

Reminder to everyone, our May general meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 9, at the City Campus Union in the Regency Suite. At this meeting, we will be installing Barbara Homer as the incoming President for 2017-2018 along with her board members.

As my term as President continues to wind down I realize I only have one more general meeting to preside over. I truly cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by. This means I must really get in high gear to finish things up before the May meeting. Again, I must thank you, the heart of UNOPA, for all of your support and encouragement during my term as your President. You have made this a rewarding experience for me, and I appreciate each of you.

Camp Kesem will be sending a representative to our May meeting where I will be presenting them with UNOPA’s 50/50 portion that was collected this year. UNOPA collected ¾ of what it would cost to send one child to camp for 2017.

Keep searching deep inside to find the MAGIC within yourself to keep UNOPA going strong!