Spotlight on: Cheryl Wemhoff

Cheryl Wemhoff
Cheryl Wemhoff

NAME: Cheryl Wemhoff

UNOPA 2016-2017 POSITION: Bylaws and Nominating Committee Chair


The Bylaws chair is responsible for updating the changes in the bylaws voted on by the membership. The chair is responsible for seeing that these are saved on the flash drive and an electronic copy is sent to the president and the past president. This ensures that there is always an electronic copy besides the “one” flash drive copy. The Bylaws Committee shall review the Bylaws and Standing Rules each year and present their recommendations to the Executive Board.

The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for assuring the future of our organization by establishing and submitting a complete slate of officers for the upcoming year and governing the election process.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY ABOUT THIS POSITION: When you are responsible for keeping the Bylaws up to date you have the opportunity to read them and understand the direction the organization is headed. By serving on the nominating committee I have had the opportunity to visit by phone with a lot of our members and hear their ideas and concerns for UNOPA. It would be great to get more people involved as officers or committee chairs.

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO SERVE IN THIS POSITION: Tricia asked me to serve since I had served as Bylaws chair for Jane Schneider’s year as President.


WHY DID YOU JOIN UNOPA: I had been honored with the Silver Pen award and wanted to give back to the organization that had recognized me.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO GAIN FROM UNOPA (speaker ideas; workshop ideas; random idea): I would like to see UNOPA established as more as a networking organization. If every member was on the website with a 3 -4 sentence job description then I’d feel like I had a contact to talk to when I had a question about travel, or PAF’s or whatever I was working on and looking for someone else that did the same thing.

TELL THE MEMBERSHIP A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOURSELF: I am originally from Missouri, but graduated from the college of Journalism here in 1988. For 30 years I wrote TV and radio commercials. My passion is writing children’s books which someday I hope to publish.

TELL US SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT YOURSELF: After both our sons were in college my husband and I went to China and adopted a 2-year-old girl. She is now a sophomore in the College of Engineering.