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Wheeler Winston Dixon on the Golden Globes

Wheeler Winston Dixon, author, Ryan Professor of Film Studies at UNL and the curator of the Frame By Frame blog on film history, chimes in from California with a few quick thoughts on today’s Golden Globe nominations.

Dixon writes:

The Golden Globes were both predictable and surprising. “Lincoln” was the big winner with seven nominations, but in the end, the only major award that I feel it will get in the Oscars is for Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role; “The Dark Knight Rises” struck out, perhaps as fallout from the movie theater massacre, but also because it wasn’t as good as “The Dark Knight.”

Ben Affleck is a surprise dark horse for “Argo” for Best Director — who would have imagined this even a few years ago? Affleck as Best Director, but he has a real shot here, and at the Oscars — and Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” also did well at the nominations, though in the end I don’t think it will win Best Film, which will go to either “Zero Dark Thirty” or “Argo,” and to either Allfeck or Kathryn Bigelow when the Academy Awards are handed out.

Best Actress: Naomi Watts has a shot for “The Impossible,” but I rather favor Jessica Chastain for “Zero Dark Thirty.” For Best Actor in A Musical or Comedy, Bill Murray should have won the Oscar for Best Actor for “Lost In Translation” but didn’t, so he’ll get a Globe for “Hyde Park on the Hudson” as a consolation prize, but no Oscar; Philip Seymour Hoffman looks good in “The Master” for Best Supporting Actor, “Brave” for Best Animated Feature, “Amour” for Best Foregn Film, John Williams will probably get Best Original Score for “Lincoln,” and “Girls” for Best Television Comedy Series.

Breaking Bad” may well win for Best Drama, though it has stiff competition from “Boardwalk Empire.” “The Girl” for Best Television Movie; Steve Buscemi or Bryan Cranston for Best Actor in a Television Drama; it would be nice to see Louis CK finally win for his groundbreaking comedy series “Louie” and ditto Nicole Kidman for “Hemingway and Gellhorn.”

The Globes also bode well for “Moonrise Kingdom” at the Oscars, and “Homeland” also seems to be picking up steam, while “Mad Men” and “The Walking Dead” seem to have run their course.

All of this is merely preamble for the Academy Awards, of course, so let me go with just a few predictions here; Day-Lewis for Best Actor; “Argo” or “Zero Dark Thirty” for Best Picture; Bigelow or Affleck for Best Director; “Brave” for Best Animated Film; and that’s where I’ll stop.

All of this also is subject to change without notice, and I’m really talking about my favorites here, rather than what might actually win. But then again, those two things may coincide, so here’s hoping.

Contact: Wheeler Winston Dixon, Ryan Professor of Film Studies, UNL, To see Dixon’s Frame By Frame video series, click here.

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