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Catching up: What we’ve been working on

– We’d mentioned a while back about our long-term pitching goals regarding the Trauma Mechanics Research Initiative at the UNL College of Engineering. Here’s the latest story on the work, this time from National Defense Magazine.

– UNL economist Ann Mari May has had a good month. First, she penned an opinion piece on how tenure promotes diversity for the New York Times. A few weeks later, we worked with her to promote her study regarding unionization’s effects on the proportion of female faculty members at major research universities. After a week or so of pushing the research, we were pleased to see a good-sized story outlining the research land in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

– The recent research by UNL assistant psychology professor Tim Nelson did well, getting picked up by a number of national outlets as well as The Associated Press.

– Speaking of The Associated Press, UComm colleague Kim Hachiya was mentioned in a story that circumnavigated the globe over the weekend. Kim responded on Facebook to an AP request for comment on the controversy over a female reporter being harassed while in the locker room of the New York Jets.

– And … remember Julia McQuillan? She’s becoming what we like to call a Perpetual Placement — an expert who reporters seek out first for comment on a particular topic. In the last two weeks, the UNL sociologist has done interviews for both Glamour and Fit Pregnancy magazines on women’s attitudes toward pregnancy. Those interviews are aftershocks from the national saturation we helped her work to receive back in May, as you may recall.

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