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What’s new this week

Plenty of UNL experts making the national (and international) rounds lately …

– As a national expert on bullying, Susan Swearer has been in demand in recent weeks. Last week, she spent time with CBS Sunday Morning as part of a story on Irving Middle School’s program to curb bullying at school. This coincided nicely with the Obama administration’s new guidelines on bullying and anti-bullying legislation moving forward in New Jersey. We’ll catch up with her next week and hopefully have something more from our eminent scholar on the topic.

– This piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education is an example of what we call the “London, Paris, Rome, Lincoln” story. For better or for worse, to get the attention of East Coast writers, we sometimes have to raise (obliquely or otherwise) the counterintuitive notion that interesting, cultural things happen here in the middle of the North American landmass. The writer of this story didn’t need any convincing, really — he thought the story stood on its merits — but his article does follow that “London, Paris, Rome, Lincoln” pattern. It’s bothersome to some people, but in the end, it’s a win for the university.

– As the 2010 election (finally) arrives, political scientist Mike Wagner explains the myths and realities of this election cycle at The Hill. In sum, it’s still the economy, stupid. At any rate, Wagner — as always — does a great job of bringing clarity and stripping away all of the white noise in our overheated political realm.

– Management assistant professor Peter Harms continues his march across the ancient continent. The Telegraph of London picked up on his “dark side” leadership study, which led to a series of aftershocks across Europe and other places around the globe. At last count, Harms had talked with reporters from Portugal, Russia, Germany, the UK and, closer to our time zone, Chile. One of his more interesting interviews was with British radio personality Ian Collins, who might be best described as the UK’s answer to Jim Rome (with a little Howard Stern thrown in, perhaps).

As always, all national news placements and appearances are logged at the UNL Newsroom. If we’re missing anything, be sure to let us know.

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