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What we’ve been up to

Quick national-news roundup from the week:

– Telecom law prof Marvin Ammori pens an op-ed in the New York Times regarding internet privacy rules – or, more specifically, the need for some. Ammori is a media star and always represents UNL well. Plus, he’s on the cutting edge of a number of important issues, including net neutrality.

– Law prof Jo Potuto weighs in on the NCAA’s ruling on beleaguered Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton, saying she probably would’ve arrived at a different conclusion than college sports’ governing body.

– Feral cats. Yes, a UNL report from last year makes a number of suggestions about how to manage feral cat colonies, including instructions on how to shoot them. Representatives of the campus trap-neuter-release program also got a chance to comment in the story, which pretty much landed in every media outlet in the country and in about three dozen foreign countries. Good times.

– The recent gaze-cuing study from Mike Dodd, Kevin Smith and John Hibbing has been percolating in the blogosphere since yesterday afternoon, and has received a number of nibbles from national media outlets. Next week should be interesting.

Have a great weekend.

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