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A little local media love for UComm

Hey, this was swell. The Daily Nebraskan wrote a story about the Office of University Communications’ national media efforts, noting that UNL faculty, staff and students combined for more than 150 appearances in the national media in 2010. Beyond talking to yours truly, the DN tapped economics professor Sam Allgood and educational psychology professor Ken Kiewra to discuss their appearances and dealings with national reporters.

We’re grateful for the recognition and the coverage from UNL’s student newspaper, but want to be sure to note that sometimes, the work that our amazing faculty and staff do every day isn’t always pitched from our office. We’d love to say that 100 percent of the work that ends up in the national media is because of our tireless pitching efforts. But that’s just not possible. In Prof. Allgood’s case, the national media found him. In Prof. Kiewra’s case, we worked closely with him to promote his work that was mentioned in the story.

Just worth mentioning, I gather. On average, we’re (directly or indirectly) involved in upwards of 65 percent of the placements that comprise the year-end national media list. Not a bad shooting percentage (more on how the national media strategy works in this post), given the broad amount of expertise on campus and the wide array of media outlets seeking them out. We’re looking forward to keeping that national momentum going in 2011.

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