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Thinking Inside The Box

Don’t forget: Think Tank 2010 is June 7. There’s still time to register, if you haven’t yet; you can sign up until the end of the day today. Come for the camaraderie, stay for the afternoon break-out sessions — especially the super-exciting one at 2:15 p.m. on Social Media Best Practices that will have its own little theme. Here’s a hint:

In our session, I, along with colleagues Seth Meranda and Adam Stahr, will be laying out how to use Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc., to your best benefit. The main message we hope to get across is this: Have a clear plan before you dive in; be sure to choose the right tools to carry out that plan; and know how to properly sustain your social-media practices — and change them, if need be — as you move forward.

Sounds simple, right? Well, in this cluttered media landscape, it can be challenging to come up with a clear, concise, effective social-media presence. To be sure, there’s no one formula to punch in that will lead to success in this realm, and we three won’t pretend to be giving you the end-all, be-all silver bullet to social-media success. But there are a lot of simple do’s and don’ts that have emerged in the world of social media, and Seth, Adam and I  are excited to share as many as we can with our Think Tankers.

Should be a good time. Stop on by if you can; for $25 the day-long conference is a steal. Hope to see you there.

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