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What we’ve been up to

Nearly the end of the month again, and it’s about time for our monthly roundup of national news appearances involving UNL faculty, staff and students. Here are some recent ones worth mentioning:

Wheeler Winston Dixon, UNL professor of film studies, was quoted extensively by Gannett News Service’s chief film critic, Bill Goodykoontz, on Saturday about film noir. This is one of Dixon’s specialties, and Goodykoontz produced a well-researched and accurate article on Wheeler’s thoughts on the matter.

The Associated Press picked up on coverage of Chancellor Perlman’s discussion with faculty about UNL’s new recruiting opportunities now that it’ll be a member of the Big Ten in the fall.

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz’s staff pointed to a study by UNL political scientis Michael Wagner, who examined overall turnout in four federal elections from 2000 to 2006. They concluded that requirement of photo IDs and other restrictions at the state level have no significant effect on turnout. The Des Moines Register

Feral cat study alert! The (in)famous UNL work about how to deal with feral cat colonies was cited recently in a story on the critters in The Washington Post.

Song Feng’s study on the effects of climate change on Arctic climates got great regional play in a number of Canadian and Alaskan news outlets.

One Response to “What we’ve been up to”

  1. I am pleased about your article showing a state government making progress on voter identification issues. The Iowa Secretary of State taking the time to research the issue and citing UNL scientist Michael Wagner’s study is an important step in getting potential voter fraud issues under control.

    Thanks again for the information.

    Steve Innis Clairemont Realtor