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A look at UNL, from Big Ten eyes

Back in April, Mike Carmin and John Terhune of the Lafayette Journal and Courier came to campus to get their arms around UNL as it entered the Big Ten Conference. With less than a week to go before the Big Switch, we’re finally seeing the results of their time here in Lincoln.

It’s quite comprehensive coverage — and UNL, the Cornhuskers and their fans, as well as Lincoln and Nebraska as a whole are treated well in Carmin’s and Terhune’s work.

Here’s a quick recap and a few links:

Passion. Loyalty. Pride: The Big Ten welcomes Nebraska, a university with serious intentions and deeply devoted followers.

Nebraska 101: The Big Ten’s newest member packs athletics, friendly people and good food in a comfortable university setting.

At Nebraska, the student-athlete is just that: About UNL’s achievers on and off the fields and courts, how UNL leads the nation in Academic All-Americans and a discussion of the academic support student-athletes receive.

An eclectic little district: Terhune takes a look at the historic Haymarket district. Check out his audio slideshow, as well.

Not just a football school: A look at the athletic department beyond the imposing footprint of the football program. Carmin and Terhune were lucky enough to be in town when NU hosted Iowa in baseball at Hawks Field.

Blue collars, red uniforms, rabid fans: A look into Bo Pelini’s Huskers at they prepare for the school’s first season in the Big Ten.

Goodbye Big 12 … hello Big Ten: Nebraska’s athletes have relished competing against Texas, A&M, Mizzou and KU but are eager to see how they’ll stack up against the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State and Purdue.

There’s more, including a Q&A with AD Tom Osborne, a look at Husker fans’ legendary loyalty, and a fun essay from former Lincoln Southeast basketball star KK Houser, who’s now a Boilermaker. She even gets in a plug for Runzas.

We’re glad Mike and John were able to spend some time with us this spring, and are looking forward to seeing them back in Lincoln soon. Or, at the very least, on Nov. 22, 2014, when the Boilers make their first visit to Memorial Stadium. Maybe we can lure them out to some baseball and softball weekends this spring?

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