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Does studying economics make you more Republican?

Here’s an interesting tidbit that got some play today in the New York Times. In a new study conducted for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, UNL associate professor of economics Sam Allgood and three fellow economists concluded that how much economics people study can influence their political activity and how they spend their spare time.

The study compared the behavior of economics majors with those of business majors and other graduates at four schools: Purdue, North Carolina, Florida Atlantic and UNL. Those in the study attended school in either 1976, 1986 or 1996. Its finding? The more economics classes someone took, the more likely they were to be a Republican and donate money to a political candidate or a cause.

“In sum,” the study said, “those taking more economics classes favored less regulation or government intervention affecting prices for specific goods and services, including wages and salaries.”

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