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Think Tank postmortem

For those of you who attended Think Tank 2010, be sure to fill out the postmortem survey. It should only take a few minutes — though there are open spaces for elaborating about what you liked and didn’t like about this year’s sessions (if you need help with any adjectives when describing the Best Practices in Social Media session, here are a few suggestions: “insightful,” “rollicking,” “fun,” “informative,” and, “made of awesomesauce”).

In all seriousness, we take the responses to the survey very seriously. So if you have a couple of free moments, please do give us your thoughts so we can continue to improve Think Tank for everyone involved. And thanks again for the great turnout and questions in our social-media session — it’s clear there’s a hunger for sharing best practices when it comes to communicating in today’s networked world. Hopefully we were able to share some insights that will lead to some practical applications for those in attendance.


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