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Frame By Frame with Wheeler Winston Dixon

Check out the latest edition of Frame By Frame with Wheeler Winston Dixon, in which our very own James Ryan Professor of Film Studies discusses the masters of special effects — Willis O’ Brien, Ray Harryhaussen, and Phil Tippett — a trio whose work has had profound influence on the motion-picture industry and the special effects that it has come to rely upon.

And for a daily dose of film, TV and culture news and musings, Dixon’s blog of the same name is a must-see. Dixon shares many thoughts and perspectives on the film industry, the history of film and current cinema on his weblog. He’s a prolific blogger, so chances are good that Dixon has recently touched on something that will interest your tastes in film.

If you’re an entertainment reporter or columnist in search of a reliable source on all things cinema and pop culture, you’ll want to bookmark Dixon’s blog.

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