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The week, in a nutshell

One of the most festive stories of the week with a UNL connection was this one from USA TODAY. In essence, it discusses the increasing prevalence of roundabouts and notes that some drivers, well, they have a heck of a time figuring them out. Aemal Khattak, one of our civil engineering researchers, was quoted about his and his colleagues’ study of driver confusion regarding roundabouts. “Drivers are conditioned that drivers on the right have the right of way, but in a roundabout, it’s the other way around,” he told the nation’s second-largest newspaper.

From the Shot Heard Round The World to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, history is rife with examples of how wars begin. Little attention, though, is paid to how they end — and how their ends often affect the formulation of new conflicts down the road. UNL military historian Peter Maslowski was part of a 14-historian panel at West Point, NY, early last week that discussed the outcomes and effects of America’s wars. Maslowski has a reputation of being a student favorite, and it’s great to see him get some well-deserved recognition by The Associated Press in a story that distributed nationally and globally.

In case you missed it:

Chancellor Perlman’s op-ed on UNL joining the Big Ten Conference appeared in a number of daily newspapers in the upper Midwest.

Susan Swearer co-authored a Newsweek op-ed on how to curb school bullying in Massachusetts (and anywhere, really).

(Sorry, now we can’t get Ratt’s “Round and Round” out of our heads …)

One Response to “The week, in a nutshell”

  1. @aschad says:

    They should have interviewed me. THE key to roundabout success: signal out.

    That’s it.