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Scientific American delves into UNL’s ‘positive psy-cap’ research

In the last two weeks, Ingrid Wickelgren at Scientific American has been focusing on UNL research that looks at developing, maintaining and increasing one’s positive psychological capital. Check out Ingrid’s well-done work if you’re interested in finding out how to improve your outlook — and your work life, as well:

What you need to succeed — and how to find out if you have it (2/8/12): “Whether you succeed at work may depend on many factors—intelligence, empathy, self-control, talent and persistence, to name a few. But one determinant may outweigh many of these: how you perceive those around you. New research from UNL suggests that your own ability to get things done—not to mention your success in non-work relationships—is highly correlated with how you see others. Are your coworkers capable and kind, or are they, dare I say, incompetent jerks?” Link to article

Success in seven short steps (2/14/12): “Although individuals vary in how much of this motivational firepower they possess, the amount is not fixed. You can boost your psychological capital—and the key is changing your habits. Simply deciding to improve your outlook won’t work. Instead, people need to cultivate a positive mindset through rituals and goals, say University of Nebraska management scholars Fred Luthans and Peter Harms. Here’s how.”

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