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Media coverage rolls in on prehistoric horse study

Prehistoric Sifrhippus might’ve only been the size of a small house cat, but the little guy is having a big impact on the news this week. University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Ross Secord’s research into how a heated-up Earth some 56 million years ago affected the ancestor of modern horses is receiving wide media coverage. Below is a tally of some of the media appearances on the new work, which is published in the journal Science.

Various versions of the story — such as the versions written by the New York Times, Scientific American, LiveScience, UPI and AFP — have appeared in several hundred individual media outlets around the globe.

New York Times | Science MagazinePopular Science | US News & World Report | LiveScience | National Science Foundation | AFP | Daily Mail (UK) | Bloomberg | Omaha World-Herald | Yahoo! News | NewsCore | ABC (Spain) | Lincoln Journal Star |io9 | Scientific American | Die Presse (Austria) | Univision | TG Daily | SINC (Spain) | Figaro (France) | EarthSky | TIME | UPI

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