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Poker players: American heroes for the 21st Century?

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Nine players players from six countries are to battle over a $28 million pot in the Main Event of the Word Series of Poker beginning Monday Nov. 10 in Las Vegas.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s  Aaron Duncan, a communication studies lecturer and the director of the speech and debate program, can offer insights about why the World Series of Poker resonates so deeply with Americans.  The author of an upcoming book, tentatively titled “Gambling with the Myth of the American Dream,”  Duncan has studied the imagery and mythology of poker and how it fits with the American ideal of the “self-made man.”

He has analyzed in-depth how ESPN’s sports-style coverage of the 2003 World Series of Poker transformed the image of the gambler and poker player to become an heroic figure for the 21st Century.

For a more detailed description of Duncan’s thoughts:

Poker: Gambling with the myth of the American Dream? | UNL Newsroom | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Duncan is available for interviews at 402-450-7830 or at