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Education key to hazardous weather safety, UNL researcher says
Nebraska's severe weather awareness week passed in March, and since then parts of the state have been hard hit by hail, wind, torrential rains and tornadoes. However, as exemplified by the May storms in the Hastings-Grand Island and other areas this …
UNL external funding increases to nearly $172 million in 2006-07
External funding for University of Nebraska-Lincoln sponsored programs again hit new levels this year, according to the UNL Office of Research and Graduate Studies. UNL's total sponsored programs funding, which includes funding for research and other…
Rangeland insurance, homemaking, post office communities in GP Quarterly
In the spring issue of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Great Plains Quarterly, three geographers wrote about the impact of rangeland insurance on ranching economy, homemaking on the range as revealed in early 20th-century Plains photograph album…
Researcher: Businesses can survive recession by capitalizing on positivity
Layoffs. Pay cuts. Hiring freezes and mandatory furloughs. The economy's effect on the average employee has been profound in the last year. In such an environment, staying upbeat on the job can be difficult. That's why University of Nebraska-Lincoln…
UNL's Qiao earns early career award to study next-generation power grids
Plugging additional energy from alternative sources, such as wind and solar, into the current electrical system will require a smarter, more efficient power grid. Wei Qiao (pronounced Way Chow), a University of Nebraska-Lincoln assistant professor o…
UNL selected for DOE home energy efficiency research partnership
University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers and architects are partnering with University of Florida researchers, home builders and remodelers, and other businesses on research funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop and improve technologies …
Confronting prejudice may be 'antidote' for workplace distress
Women who publicly confront instances of sexism in the workplace tend to feel more capable and competent in their jobs and about themselves in general, a new study shows. The research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln examined how both men and…
Sociologist nets prestigious grant to study root of health disparities
Growing up in poverty or experiencing other social inequalities like racial discrimination at an early age no doubt could color a person's perspective on the world. But could experiencing that kind of stress make someone susceptible to disease that's…
Study: U.S. men put high importance on fatherhood as well as careers
The classic figure of a distant, career-focused father who spends lots of time at the office and who has little time for his kids might be getting outdated, a new study shows. In a nationwide survey that exa…
Discovery may lead to significantly more efficient method of data storage
A team led by University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicist Alexei Gruverman in collaboration with researchers in Spain and at the University of Wisconsin has discovered a significantly more efficient method of data storage that offers …
Sum of the parts? How our brains see men as people and women as body parts
When casting our eyes upon an object, our brains either perceive it in its entirety or as a collection of its parts. Consider, for instance, photo mosaics consisting of hundreds of tiny pictures that when arranged a certain way form a larger overall …
Nebraska economic indicator drops slightly in October
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska dropped slightly -- 0.06 percent -- in October, according to economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration. This slight decli…
UNL's Jewell co-edits first book to reveal Willa Cather's private letters
Lincoln, Neb., March 22, 2013 -- Hidden away in vaults scattered across the United States and Europe, famed Nebraska author Willa Cather's most intimate thoughts were laid bare in the pages of her personal correspondence. …
What is family? Study explores how children of gay parents overcome stigma
How do children of gay and lesbian parents create a positive family identity in a culture where negative messages can drown others out and tell them their family dynamic is wrong? A forthcoming study by Dian…
Thomas' research to uncover, digitize African American family trees
In the early 19thcentury, a Maryland slave petitioned the U.S. Circuit Court in Washington, D.C., for her and her daughter's freedom based on her purported lineage from a free woman. Francis Scott Key was her lawyer, and appeared b…


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