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Student discovers Sandhills species' life cycles affect parasite relationship
A hypothesis by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln doctoral student that western Nebraska amphibians' host-parasite cycle is shortened because of lack of biodiversity in the Sandhills environment led to an award-winning research paper. Matthew Bolek, a…
UNL science team to Antarctica, watch http://andrill.org for updates
By mid-October seven individuals from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will be on the ice in Antarctica, joining a team of world-class international geoscientists and science educators for a three-month expedition to investigate the continent's rol…
UNL physicist receives award for research on magnetic materials
Kirill Belashchenko sees more to magnets and spin than just MP3s and iPods. His work on a new theory may lead to spin-based devices that will be faster than ever at reading and analyzing data. The assistant professor of physics at the University of N…
UNL study: Younger black women more likely to have regular doctor, feel cared for
Younger black women are more likely to have a regular doctor -- and are more likely to feel cared for by that doctor -- than younger white women and women of other ethnic groups, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln study shows. Meanwhile, far few…
Encounter leads to new ice discoveries by UNL team
Sometimes in science, new research pathways are generated by unexpected suggestions. That's what led Xiao Cheng Zeng and his research group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to their latest series of discoveries about the behavior of materials -…
$3.8 million contract will fund biological process for HIV microbicide
With $3.8 million in new funding from the Mintaka Foundation of Medical Research supported by the Wellcome Trust, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Biological Process Development Facility is developing a process to manufacture a stable and affordabl…
Flood control, tuberculosis, Black Hills in fall Great Plains Quarterly
The fall issue of Great Plains Quarterly, an academic journal published by the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, features articles about displaced communities due to flood control in Kansas in the early 20th centu…
Kiowa photographer Poolaw is focus of spring Great Plains Quarterly
In the spring issue of Great Plains Quarterly, an academic journal published by the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers wrote about Kiowa photographer Horace Poolaw and his contributions to American Indi…
Nebraska economic indicator declined in March
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska declined by 0.32 percent in March, suggesting that the state's economy will grow slowly in late 2012. The small decline in the monthly indicator followed three consecutive increases betwe…
$3.5 million grant to help special-needs teens avoid being 'lost in the system'
Teenage kids "kind of get lost in the system." They're almost adults, and not really needing to be protected like babies or young children -- or so it may seem. Special education researcher Alexandra Trout o…
U.S. drought falls below 50 percent for first time in 10 months
The area of the contiguous United States in moderate drought or worse fell below 50 percent for the first time since June 19, according to the latest edition of the U.S. Drought Monitor released Thursday. He…
Nebraska economic indicator dips in July, stepping back from June's gain
Following a strong increase in June, the Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska declined by 1.05 percent in July, according to economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration. …
UNL computer scientists aim to improve software tools
Whether they know it or not, millions of software users are also programmers, writing spreadsheet formulas, creating websites or developing scientific models, for example. Errors are common and can be legendary, costing professiona…
Study tracks changes in social status, affiliation in religion
Younger generations are closing the social class gap between evangelical Protestants and mainline denominations, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist of religion has found. And in what appears to be …
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator drops for 1st time in 6 months
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska fell by 0.75 percent in July, its first drop in six months. "Results suggest that the rate of economic growth in Nebraska may slow in early 2015 after strong growt…


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