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NSF grant to guide UNL-developed irrigation management tool to market
In the midst of the worst drought in more than half a century, U.S. farmers are drawing on their best defenses — the center pivot and their experience dealing with some of the harshest conditions Mother Nature can deal. Now a University of Nebrask…
UNL professor to use Greek texts, drama in unique outreach to veterans
Millions of families have a loved one who has returned home from combat, including many right here in Nebraska. Issues like post-traumatic stress disorder -- and more generally, the challenges entailed in readjusting to life back h…
Nebraska economic indicator continues to improve in 2013
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska grew moderately in January, rising by 0.36 percent. This increase in the state indicator, which is designed to predict economic growth six months in the future, suggests that the Nebras…
July survey: Nebraska businesses continue to be optimistic about economy
For the sixth straight month, Nebraska businesses reported a positive outlook for the state economy, according to the July Survey of Nebraska Businesses conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research.…
Study: CEOs who are good matches for firms have higher initial compensation
How much CEOs are compensated is often a subject of angst in the media and among the public. When a company's board of directors hires a new chief executive, it's often perceived that the level of compensation is not based on t…
UNL researcher lends expertise to massive migratory bird study
Scientists have long suspected that birds' migratory speeds and pathways are ultimately affected by their body size, rather than their physical limitations. University of Nebraska-Lincoln ecologist John DeLong played a significant …
UNL eyetrack study captures men's -- and women's -- objectifying gazes
Usually, women can tell when someone's eyes aren't on her face and are, well, focused elsewhere on her body. In other words, there's a reason the saying on the T-shirt is "My Eyes Are Up Here." But how, …
Nebraska economy expected to grow at moderate pace
Nebraska's economy will grow at a moderate pace during the next few years, though not as fast as the national economy, state forecasters say. In its latest report, the Nebraska Business Forecast Council says…
UNL leads partnership to cultivate Nebraska manufacturing
A new partnership involving College of Engineering and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as Central Community College in Grand Island will help small- and medium-sized…
UNL team awarded $1.9M to develop new approach to HIV vaccine
Using a genetically modified form of the HIV virus, a team of University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists has developed a promising new approach that could someday lead to a more effective HIV vaccine. The tea…
September survey: Mixed expectations for growth in Nebraska
Nebraska businesses’ optimistic outlook for the state economy ebbed in September, according to the latest survey by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The September Survey of Nebraska Business showed mixed expec…
Study: Environmental regulation may have helped small hog farms endure
Hog farms have become fewer and larger in recent decades, even as federal and state environmental regulations governing them have become stricter. In a new study, University of Nebraska-Lincoln agricultural …
Study documents scale of error-based brain activity
Everyone makes mistakes -- so a University of Nebraska-Lincoln psychologist set out to determine how the human brain responds to the errors of its ways. "The reason to focus on errors is that they're a reall…
UNL professor uses 3-D tech to further study of Greek architecture
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Philip Sapirstein is using modern technologies to advance research into ancient Greek architecture. As part of UNL's Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, the assistant professor …
Study: Loss of large predators tips ecosystem balance
A new study has linked the size of predators atop a food chain with the ecological chain reaction triggered when they leave the head of the table. The conclusion: The larger they are, the harder that their fall impacts an ecosystem. Led by UNL ecol…


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