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Study Shows Pinyon Jays Infer Their Status from Observing Others
Transitive inference is an ability that humans acquire early in life. It's a simple task for our minds to understand that if A is better than B and B is better than C, then A is obviously better than C, even if we've never seen A and C together. Rese…
New research indicates climate instability at end of last ice age
As carbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere continue to rise, new geological evidence suggests the planet could begin to experience climatic instability unlike anything seen in the last 34 million to 40 million years. Writing in the Jan. 5 issue o…
Researchers to investigate biodiversity in the Gobi vertebrate parasite project
Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are set to explore the hidden biodiversity of the isolated mountain range in the heart of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park in southern Mongolia. The project is funded by a $620,000 grant from the N…
Moriyama's focus on developing bioinformatics tools earns stimulus grant
Scientific advances in areas as diverse as medicine and agriculture often require finding specific snippets of DNA within an organism's vast genetic information -- and University of Nebraska-Lincoln biologist Etsuko Moriyama is working to develop too…
Researchers: EPA not recognizing environmental impact of protecting oil
U.S. military operations to protect oil imports coming from the Middle East are creating larger amounts of greenhouse gas emissions than once thought, new research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shows. Regulators do not currently attribute t…
UNL engineer places in Navy challenge, earns $100,000 for research
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineer's idea is among the top 10 winners in the U.S. Department of the Navy's national Chief of Naval Research Challenge. Ming Han, assistant professor of electrical engineering, will receive $100,000 for his rese…
Study: Education affects Americans' religiosity -- but not how you might think
It's pretty much a given that the more educated someone becomes, the more likely they are to question their religious beliefs, stop going to church and even abandon their faith entirely. Or is it? A new University of Nebraska-Lincoln study challeng…
Forecasters: Nebraska's economy to see sustained growth through 2013
As the nation continues on a prolonged path of moderate economic recovery, Nebraska's economy is expected to remain steady in the next two years, state forecasters said. In its latest report, the Nebraska Bu…
UNL physics team collaborates in hunt for so-called 'God Particle'
Physicists at CERN laboratory in Switzerland announced today that they have observed a new particle whose characteristics match the long-theorized Higgs boson particle, the central part of a hypothesis that could peel away the very fabric of the univ…
UNL archaeological team unearths giant Roman mosaic in southern Turkey
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln archaeological team has uncovered a massive Roman mosaic in southern Turkey – a meticulously crafted, 1,600-square-foot work of decorative handiwork built during the region’s imperial zenith. It’s believed to b…
Nebraska economic indicator continues to improve in 2013
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska grew moderately in January, rising by 0.36 percent. This increase in the state indicator, which is designed to predict economic growth six months in the future, suggests that the Nebras…
Fear and uncertainty in D.C.: Is it to blame for gridlock?
Uncertainty and fear over President Obama's health care law may be contributing to the Washington deadlock, says a University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher who specializes in political psychology. Ingrid Ha…
Nebraska economy expected to grow at moderate pace
Nebraska's economy will grow at a moderate pace during the next few years, though not as fast as the national economy, state forecasters say. In its latest report, the Nebraska Business Forecast Council says…
Nebraska economy gaining momentum in second half of 2014
For the fifth straight month, Nebraska's leading economic indicator rose in June, providing reliable evidence for solid growth in the state economy for the remainder of 2014. "It suggests that the Nebraska e…
September survey: Mixed expectations for growth in Nebraska
Nebraska businesses’ optimistic outlook for the state economy ebbed in September, according to the latest survey by the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The September Survey of Nebraska Business showed mixed expec…


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