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$1.8M NIH grant to fund study of children's speech motor development
Adapting a computer technology developed by Hollywood, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln speech scientist is hoping to learn how very young children's motor development affects their speech and language. Jordan Green, associate professor and Corwin Mo…
Successful test of first world worldwide grid computing infrastructure
A global collaboration of physicists and computer scientists announced Feb. 15 the successful completion of a test of the first truly worldwide grid computing infrastructure. Grid computing is the coordinated use of computers that are spread around t…
UNL student team chosen for NASA microgravity research program
A student team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering will conduct scientific research experiments while flying in a reduced gravity environment as part of NASA's Microgravity University Systems Engineering Educational Discove…
Fulbright expands student's HIV study, takes her back to Africa
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Nithal Kuwa has received a Fulbright grant that will take her to Zambia for nine months, where her research could have a profound effect on the medical treatment of the more than 1.8 million children in sub-Sahara…
Biologists find that red-blooded vertebrates evolved twice, independently
Nature, in all its glory, is nothing if not thrifty. Through the process of natural selection, it finds new uses for existing features, often resulting in what is known as convergent evolution -- the development of similar biological traits in diffe…
UNL researcher's finding could sway thought on climate change
A newly published paper written by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher and his team could influence the way scientists think about global warming and its effects. Researchers found that a major pulse of ancient global warming may have been m…
UNL engineer places in Navy challenge, earns $100,000 for research
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineer's idea is among the top 10 winners in the U.S. Department of the Navy's national Chief of Naval Research Challenge. Ming Han, assistant professor of electrical engineering, will receive $100,000 for his rese…
LHC experiments eliminate more hiding spots for Higgs boson
Two experimental collaborations at the Large Hadron Collider, located at CERN laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland, announced today that they have significantly narrowed the mass region in which the Higgs boson could be hiding. The A…
Political biology: The left rolls with the good, the right confronts the bad
From cable TV news shows to red-meat speeches on the campaign trail, our nation's deep political stereotypes are on full display: Conservatives paint self-indulgent liberals as insufferably absent on urgent national issues, while liberals say fear-mo…
UNL physics team collaborates in hunt for so-called 'God Particle'
Physicists at CERN laboratory in Switzerland announced today that they have observed a new particle whose characteristics match the long-theorized Higgs boson particle, the central part of a hypothesis that could peel away the very fabric of the univ…
UNL physicist discusses high-order harmonic generation at AAAS
One-billionth of a billionth of a second. That's the scale -- an attosecond -- at which scientists seek to image and control electronic motion in matter. The principle of attosecond s…
Study examines how uncertainty can affect political tolerance
It's a safe bet that in the course of perusing the news on a daily basis, you are confronted with political messages that differ from your own beliefs. But how open are you to those viewpoints? Are you in a frame of mind that allow…
Doctor's office -- not Internet -- still main source for infertility information
For a woman worried about why she hasn't become pregnant, the Internet and its anonymity might seem an appealing way to learn about infertility. Yet a newly published study involving University of Nebraska-L…
Economic indicator drops slightly in March; moderate growth still expected
An increased number of first-time unemployment claims led to a slight drop of 0.07 percent in Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator in March. However, when combined with February's solid growth, the signals …
UNL time capsule yields rare manuscript on pioneering female chemist
For Mark Griep and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln community, Rachel Lloyd was an enigma. It was in a passing conversation in 1997 that Griep, associate professor of chemistry, learned that Lloyd had been…


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