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UNL team wins $3 million to study thin diamond film technology
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineer is leading a team of engineers from UNL and the University of Missouri-Rolla on a project to refine a process that coats surfaces with thin diamond films. The team has received a three-year grant exceeding $…
Chemists' work on peroxide bomb detectors shows promise
In the fight against terrorism, one of the main goals of law-enforcement and security agencies is to stop terrorist attacks before they can happen. Early detection is essential, and work being done by University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemists could giv…
Increases in ag income, related industries predicted; Nebraska outlook good
Nebraska's aggregate farm income is expected to grow rapidly in the remainder of 2007 and into 2008-09, giving the Nebraska Business Forecast Council optimism for the Nebraska economy. The strength in the commodity sector and related industries like …
Cohen's Career Award to help make software more reliable
Maybe this happens to you: Your boss purchases the latest version of software that the office has used for years. Your coworkers adjust effortlessly. You, on the other hand, can't finish the simplest task without the program misbehaving and doing thi…
Biologists identify the molecular basis of high-altitude adaptation in mice
Biologists have long known how adaptive evolution works. New mutations arise within a population and those that confer some benefits to the organism increase in frequency and eventually become fixed in the population. A significant challenge for evo…
PNAS paper cites discovery of small RNA 'quality-control' mechanism
When a person is exposed to a cold virus, whether he or she actually becomes ill may come down to how well short snippets of RNA in the person's defense response system interact with the RNA-based cold virus. If the small RNA (ribonucleic acid) mat…
Journal features Texas folk songs, WWII in Saskatoon, farm women
In the summer issue of Great Plains Quarterly, an academic journal published by the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers wrote about Texas folk songs, World War II patriotism in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a…
Study: To college students, shoplifting and music piracy are worlds apart
What's the difference between stealing a CD from a music store and ripping off music online? The music industry and law enforcers say there is none: Theft is theft, whether it's physical or digital. College students participating in a newly publishe…
State economic forecast calls for record farm income, steady job growth
Though the nation’s economy faces prospects of anemic progress, Nebraska will see all-time record farm incomes this year along with steady employment and income growth in most industries over the next two years, forecasters said.…
Nastasi earns grant to develop nuclear reactor metal-ceramic composite
Mike Nastasi, director of the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, had one of 13 projects selected recently by the U.S. Department of Energy to improve nuclear reactor safety, performa…
Nebraska economic indicator is steady in Sept., moderate growth expected
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska was largely unchanged in September, rising by just .09 percent. The slight increase followed two months of solid growth in the indicator in July and August, and indicates that Nebrask…
Team aims to create high-quality, lower-cost nanofibers
Carbon nanotubes, the super-strong building blocks of nanotechnology, hold the promise of reinforcing everything from golf clubs to airplane parts, but they're difficult and expensive to process into something useful. University of…
UNL team wins $3.2 million grant to evaluate support program
Kids with emotional and behavioral disorders are more likely to miss school, fail classes and drop out than any other group of students with disabilities. With support from a $3.2 million grant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln resea…
UNL professor: Twitter may soar post-IPO, but many firms don't
As Twitter embarks upon an initial public offering that is projected to raise some $1.7 billion for the social media company, it walks past a veritable graveyard of dead IPO companies. Theresa Welbourne, dir…
UNL partners in major manufacturing consortium
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a partner in a $320 million advanced manufacturing collaboration that President Barack Obama announced Tuesday at the White House. Through the new Digital Lab for Manufa…


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