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Study: Increasingly, children's books are where the wild things aren't
Was your favorite childhood book crawling with wild animals and set in places like jungles or deep forests? Or did it take place inside a house or in a city, with few if any untamed creatures in sight? A new…
Knight Foundation grant to help UNL study use of drones in news gathering
A project to explore using drones to do reporting got a boost this month when the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's drone journalism lab received a prototype grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. …
Emigrants' livestock; populism; Omaha, Pawnee history in GP Quarterly
In the summer issue of Great Plains Quarterly, an academic journal published by the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers wrote about 19th-century emigrants and their concerns for their …
Reconsidering national park interpretation in Great Plains Research
Does the National Park Service continue to interpret its sites in the Great Plains in terms of a Eurocentric narrative of westward expansion, or is it developing a model for revising these traditional narratives? …
Economy still sputtering, Nebraska economic indicator shows
Nebraska’s economy will continue to sputter through early 2014, according to the latest Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska. Designed to predict economic growth within Nebraska six months into the future, the Indicator increased by 0.54 percen…
Rural school consolidation examined in Great Plains Research
Between 1932 and 2013, the number of school districts operating in the United States fell from 127,000 to 13,000. The number of individual schools fell from 259,000 in 1932 to 99,000 in 2010-11. This consolidation of districts and …
UNL research connects early childhood with pain, depression in adulthood
It's common knowledge that a child who misses a meal can't concentrate in school. But what happens years down the road? Does that missed meal have any bearing on health in adulthood? A new University of …
Religious causes of Sand Creek Massacre featured in Great Plains Quarterly
Historian Christopher Rein examines religious violence and "Manifest Destiny" as causal factors of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre in the summer issue of Great Plains Quarterly. Rein, associate professor of his…
NSF CAREER award aids UNL engineer's work on gene delivery tool
Employing DNA that codes for genes to correct genetic problems, treat disease or aid healing holds tremendous potential, but finding an effective, safe method of delivering genes to cells remains a significant hurdle. A Univers…
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator signals slower growth ahead
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator fell by 0.45 percent in September, marking the second decline in three months. "The decline in the Leading Economic Indicator suggests weaker growth for the Nebraska eco…
Report reveals sharp drop in statewide groundwater levels
The recently released 2013 Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Monitoring Report reveals significant groundwater level declines throughout Nebraska. “Almost the entire state – with the exception of a small area in the Sandhills – sa…
UNL program builds strong parent school partnerships
An innovative program to help teachers solve classroom behavior problems also helps parents reduce temper tantrums and disobedience at home, a new study shows. The experimental program -- Conjoint Behavior C…
Homestead digitization project finishes important Nebraska records
The Nebraska Homestead Final Certificate Case Files are now digitized and available to the public after a decade of planning, preparing and executing an initiative to bring these records to the public. The r…
Study details laser pulse effects on behavior of electrons
By solving a six-dimensional equation that had previously stymied researchers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists have pinpointed the characteristics of a laser pulse that yields electron behavior they can predict and essent…
UNL doctoral student first to quantify color change in spiders
A wasp descends onto the yellow petals of a black-eyed Susan, unaware that a camouflaged crab spider – once as white as a wedding dress, now the color of a school bus – lies in wait. Nectar-filled flowers serve as lethal hunting grounds for thes…


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