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National survey of economists uncovers vast gender gap in policy opinions
Is there a "gender gap" in the views of professional economists? A new national study finds that while most economists agree on core economic concepts, values and methods, they differ in their views on important economic policy alo…
NSF award aids UNL engineer's efforts to build better solar cell
The sun provides all the energy humans could ever need. But capturing that power remains expensive and inefficient, which leaves fossil fuels as dominant energy sources. Jinsong Huang, an assistant professor…
City, UNL partner on Nebraska Innovation Campus renewable energy system
Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman announced Friday a joint project to use reclaimed, non-drinkable water from the city’s Theresa Street Wastewater treatment plant to heat and cool facilities at…
Team aims to create high-quality, lower-cost nanofibers
Carbon nanotubes, the super-strong building blocks of nanotechnology, hold the promise of reinforcing everything from golf clubs to airplane parts, but they're difficult and expensive to process into something useful. University of…
Genital mutilation, cannibalism part of spider's mating habits
It's the ultimate nuptial gift -- at least that's what Steven Schwartz calls it. Others may just be glad they aren't a male dark fishing spider. Schwartz, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln behavioral ecologis…
Umpire influence, antiques tourism, native fish in Great Plains Research
In baseball, on-field confrontations between coaches and umpires are just part of the game. Authors in the latest issue of Great Plains Research have explored this relationship by showing how the same dynamics of social power and i…
UNL-led team finds less is more with adding graphene to nanofibers
Figuring that if some is good, more must be better, researchers have been trying to pack more graphene, a supermaterial, into structural composites. Collaborative research led by University of Nebraska-Lincoln materials engineers d…
History of race, regional prejudices highlighted in Great Plains Quarterly
The fall issue of Great Plains Quarterly features Linda English's article about how racism in Indian Territory was often fluid and perplexing. In "Southern Reflections: Evolving Attitudes on Race and Region …
UNL partners in major manufacturing consortium
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a partner in a $320 million advanced manufacturing collaboration that President Barack Obama announced Tuesday at the White House. Through the new Digital Lab for Manufa…
Forecasters: Nebraska economy to remain solid, though growth will slow
LincolAfter a couple of red-hot years in the farm sector and in home construction, Nebraska's economy will slow enough for the rest of the nation to catch up, state forecasters say. In its latest forecast, t…
Study: Stereotypes make coming out trickier to navigate for bisexuals
When Oregon Gov. Kate Brown came out as bisexual to her parents, they reportedly told her they wished she'd come out as a lesbian instead because it would be easier to understand and accept. Such reactions are common, according to a new study co-aut…
Team to lead NEH-funded project to digitize Cather letters
Last year, the private musings of Willa Cather were made available to the masses for the first time in a book co-edited by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Andrew Jewell. About 550 of the author's letter…
Study: Perceptions of politicos affect attention, gaze direction
Political stances defined as "left" or "right" have no physical spatial connection. The use of the terms in political discourse can be traced back to 18th-century France, when supporters of the revolution sat to the left in the Nat…
UNL wins $1.5 million award to develop wind turbine monitoring system
Electrical signals regularly provide vital information on the condition of patients, with cardiologists using EKGs to detect heart arrhythmias and neurologists employing EEGs to pinpoint brain injuries. With…
Nebraska-Kansas consortium studies how light interacts with matter
Observing what happens in 1-trillionth of a second -- the opening moves in photosynthesis, for example -- requires precision and extremely fast devices. University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists are expanding their experimental and theoretical arsena…


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