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Live, gold-dusted bacteria used in bioelectronic device
Ravi Saraf has gilded living creatures, but that's as far as his resemblance goes with Auric Goldfinger, the fictional villain in the 1964 James Bond movie. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemical engineer used bacteria, not another human, and hi…
Nebraska Forecast Council: Steady economic growth foreseen through '09
The Nebraska Forecast Council is optimistic about the Nebraska economic outlook heading into 2007, with aggregate farm income, manufacturing growth, employment growth and total nominal income growth predicted to increase in 2007, and continue growing…
Self-aligning carbon nanotubes could be key to next generation of devices
Scientists and engineers the world over have thought for years that the next generation of smaller, more-efficient electronic and photonic devices could be based on the use of carbon nanotubes, structures 10,000 times thinner than a human hair but wi…
Project to computer-analyze railroads history awarded funds
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln project bringing together historians, geographers and computer scientists to correlate, analyze and visualize the development of railroads has won an international grant competition to further the research. The UNL te…
Forecasters: State's economy strengthens, poised for rapid growth
The state's economy will grow steadily this year and rapidly in 2012, adding jobs in nearly every sector and likely pushing Nebraska's average per-capita personal income past the national average for the first time in decades, economic forecasters sa…
UNL study scrutinizes worker dignity at Foxconn, Apple plants
In the global controversy that followed a rash of worker suicides at Foxconn Technology Group -- the Taiwanese company whose huge Chinese factories assemble the world's most popular consumer electronics -- the firm and corporate partner…
Nebraska economic indicator rebounds, suggesting growth in fall
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska rose by 1.16 percent in April, Universityof Nebraska-Lincoln economists said this week. This increase in the state indicator, designed to predict economic growth six months in the fut…
20-year study: Happier marriages mean healthier spouses
“In sickness and in health.” Happier marriages make for healthier spouses, whether they’re still honeymooning or they’re approaching their golden wedding anniversary. So says a new study that examined the marriages of 1,681 people over the …
March survey: Nebraska businesses remain positive
Nebraska businesses continue to have a positive outlook for the state’s economy in coming months, according to the latest survey from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Bureau of Business Research. Thr…
UNL leads $11.5 million particle detector project for LHC
The world's largest atom smasher has proved invaluable at answering fundamental questions about the nature of the universe, including finding the Higgs boson, but much remains unknown. A team of University of…
Researchers engineer improvements of technology used in digital memory
The improvements in random access memory that have driven many advances of the digital age owe much to the innovative application of physics and chemistry at the atomic scale. Accordingly, a team led by Univ…
Economic forecasters: Nebraska to see steady growth in an uncertain world
Though the national economy likely will fluctuate, most Nebraskans can expect modest but steady economic growth during the next three years, economic forecasters say. In the latest long-term forecast release…
UNL team models new atomic structures of gold nanoparticle
They may deal in gold, atomic staples and electron volts rather than cement, support beams and kilowatt-hours, but chemists have drafted new nanoscale blueprints for low-energy structures capable of housing pharmaceuticals and oxygen atoms. Led by U…
UNL chemists: New 2-D material's properties show promise
One completed a series of theoretical calculations to predict its properties with the help of a massive computing center. The other grew it in bulk before waxing its atom-thin whiskers with the assistance of adhesive tape. Together, University of Ne…
Tumor-mimicking platform shows promise for breast cancer research, treatment
By simulating the growth of cancerous tumors, a new synthetic platform developed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln could accelerate the testing of breast cancer treatments -- and has already revealed a potential source of the body's resistance to…


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