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Volunteer Creates Web Site to Spotlight Fossils from Nebraska Counties
Lincoln, Neb. March 8, 2004 -- Nebraskans now have or soon will have a way to see the fossil heritage of their home counties, thanks to a new University of Nebraska State Museum Web site created by a dedicated volunteer. With a mere fraction of 1 per…
$1.2 million follow-up grant to support drought-monitoring work
A $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Risk Management Agency awarded to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will help maintain and improve on a system tracking drought and other climate conditions in the United States. The gra…
Climate research gives clues to human expansion out of tropical Africa
New research that involves a University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientist has shed light on an important, but previously little-understood period in Africa's climate history that has implications for understanding human evolution and the expansion of Hom…
Study: Most high-schoolers cheat -- but don't always think they are
Most high-school students participating in a new study on academic honesty say they have cheated on tests and homework -- and, in some alarming cases, say they don't consider certain types of cheating out of line. The study by the University of Nebr…
UNL earns grant for renovations to expand laser research capabilities
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has received nearly $2 million in federal stimulus funds from the National Science Foundation for renovations to expand its high-power laser research capabilities. The $1,825,345 grant will enable UNL to renovate t…
UNL technology powers Nebraska solar panel startup
NUtech Ventures at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Rare Earth Solar, a new Nebraska company, have announced an exclusive license agreement expected to lead to the development of breakthrough solar panel technology made with rare earth elements…
Study suggests genetic links between impulsivity, addiction
Being impulsive can lead us to say things we regret, buy things we really don't need, engage in behaviors that are risky and even develop troublesome addictions. But is hastiness and rashness embedded in our DNA? …
Emigrants' livestock; populism; Omaha, Pawnee history in GP Quarterly
In the summer issue of Great Plains Quarterly, an academic journal published by the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers wrote about 19th-century emigrants and their concerns for th…
Nebraska economic indicator drops slightly in November
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska dropped modestly -- 0.18 percent -- in November, according to economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Business Administration. This modes…
UNL team uncovers more archeological treasures in southern Turkey
Shoveling and sweeping to expose still-hidden portions of a 1,600-square-foot marble mosaic that dates to Roman times, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln archeological team this past summer unearthed a new treasure in southern Turkey. Lying face d…
Leading economic indicator: Nebraska economy slowing in second quarter
After three months of growth, Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator turned downward in November. The decrease, of 0.59 percent, may signal a slowdown this spring, said economist Eric Thompson, director of th…
UNL facility produces compound for cream that may block HIV transmission
Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering's Biological Process Development Facility have successfully produced a drug compound with potential to block HIV transmission in women. …
Digital 'dream team' launches project to study 1 million novels
A "dream team" of digital humanities researchers that includes Matthew Jockers of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will study the development of the novel, thanks to a $1.8 million grant from the Canadian government. …
Team customizes nanoparticles to better transport therapeutic drugs
A UNL team has unveiled an extremely compact yet fully loaded vehicle that can brave conditions and navigate terrain its predecessors could not. It features a protein frame with a citric acid finish. It's the size of a typical bug -- viral, not Volk…
Cooper Foundation provides $200,000 for NIC maker space
The Cooper Foundation of Lincoln has provided a grant of $200,000 to support the Nebraska Innovation Studio, a 16,000-square-foot maker space in the Innovation Commons Building at Nebraska Innovation Campus. "This charter investment in Nebraska Inno…


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