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$3.5 million grant to help special-needs teens avoid being 'lost in the system'
Teenage kids "kind of get lost in the system." They're almost adults, and not really needing to be protected like babies or young children -- or so it may seem. Special education researcher Alexandra Trout o…
UNL researchers studying sleep habits of toddlers, effects on development
ZZZs don't always come easy for children still learning their ABCs. Accordingly, a research team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is studying the developmental implications of toddlers' sleep habits -- …
UNL physicist discusses high-order harmonic generation at AAAS
One-billionth of a billionth of a second. That's the scale -- an attosecond -- at which scientists seek to image and control electronic motion in matter. The principle of attosecond s…
Nebraska economic indicator dips in July, stepping back from June's gain
Following a strong increase in June, the Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska declined by 1.05 percent in July, according to economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration. …
Study: Young men who feel body shame less hopeful about relationships
It's no longer just Barbie dolls that evoke a sense of unattainable beauty. Now, it seems G.I. Joe's biceps and six-pack abs are doing the same. Increasingly, objectification and heightened masculinity in images of men is saturatin…
ANDRILL mobile drill project is a go after government shutdown ends
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will send a team of drillers to Antarctica in the 2013-14 season after all, albeit with the team reduced to five members and with plans to operate one drill instead of two. …
Doctor's office -- not Internet -- still main source for infertility information
For a woman worried about why she hasn't become pregnant, the Internet and its anonymity might seem an appealing way to learn about infertility. Yet a newly published study involving University of Nebraska-L…
Students leverage Nebraska Lit Lab to gain digital insights on Cather
How closely does the narration of Willa Cather's novels match the personal voice in her private letters? Which unsigned and pseudonymous newspaper and magazine articles did Cather pen during her journalism career? And did Cather's …
Study tracks changes in social status, affiliation in religion
Younger generations are closing the social class gap between evangelical Protestants and mainline denominations, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist of religion has found. And in what appears to be …
The best in the U.S. for entrepreneurship: Where does your state rank?
Fueled by its ongoing energy boom, North Dakota remains at the top of an annual list measuring states' ability to create new businesses. Created by economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the State…
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator dips for 2nd month in a row
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator fell slightly in October, marking its second consecutive monthly decline. A sharp increase in the value of the U.S. dollar was the primary cause of the 0.10 percent decl…
UNL time capsule yields rare manuscript on pioneering female chemist
For Mark Griep and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln community, Rachel Lloyd was an enigma. It was in a passing conversation in 1997 that Griep, associate professor of chemistry, learned that Lloyd had been…
Zebra mussels in South Dakota raise concerns for Nebraska water bodies
In November, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks staff discovered a single zebra mussel attached to a boat dock at the Midway boat ramp on Lewis and Clark Lake near Yankton, S.D. This finding came on the heels of the discovery of…
Study: Thinnest known material shields nanotechnology from heat
If it can't stand the heat, get out the graphene. University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemists and electrical engineers have published a new study showing that coats of graphene -- a honeycombed sheet of carbon only one atom thick -- can protect d…
Model captures new dynamics of corrosion damage
University of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers have become the first to develop a model that literally looks beyond the surface of corrosion to better predict its spread. The model's unique capabilities could allow engineers to more precisely forecast cat…


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