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High-resolution touch sensor could be boon to cancer surgeons, others
One of the trickiest decisions facing a cancer surgeon today is where to stop cutting. The surgeon doesn't want to stop too soon and leave cancer cells in the patient's body, but he or she also doesn't want to take too many cells and do unnecessary d…
Study: Larger strike zone, drug testing reduced hitting in baseball since 2000
After baseball's offensive explosion of the late 1990s, Major League Baseball's batters cooled off beginning in the 2001 season, and a statistical analysis by two University of Nebraska-Lincoln historians offers data to back up two theories for the c…
Forecast: Nebraska to be spared from worst as economy 'resets'
While the U.S. economy is showing signs of recovery, the chances of a rapid nationwide economic recovery, of the kind that typically follows a recession, are slim, a report by the Nebraska Business Forecast Council shows. Instead, the economy is lik…
DOE grant funds innovative nanotechnology research at UNL
Nanoscientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have received a prestigious grant to develop new magnetic materials that could help reduce global warming and the nation's dependence on foreign resources. Researchers in UNL's Nebraska Center for…
Research: Undergrads study ineffectively on computers, can improve
In the space of one generation, college students have gone from studying with highlighters and wire notebooks to laptops, netbooks and, now, iPads. But despite the prevalence of technology on campuses, a new study indicates that computers alone can'…
Study finds links between high schoolers' hopes, educational attainment
Turns out the high school guidance counselor was right. Students who have high aspirations and put thought into their futures during their high school years tend to reach higher levels of educational attainment, according to a recent study. And what…
UNL scholar discovers thousands of new Walt Whitman papers
As a clerk in the U.S. Attorney General's Office in the 1860s and 1870s, Walt Whitman had a firsthand view of the legal, cultural and ideological challenges facing the nation after the Civil War. That experience, most believe, shaped his later works …
Gates Foundation award will explore lactobacillus as anti-HIV agent
University of Nebraska-Lincoln virologist Shi-hua Xiang has won the university's first Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations grant. The initiative enables researchers worldwide to test unorthodox ideas that a…
UNL team to promote green infrastructure in Omaha
The Environmental Protection Agency will support a team led by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to evaluate the effectiveness of the Saddle Hills neighborhood's green infrastructure in metropolitan Omaha. …
The best in the U.S. for entrepreneurship: Where does your state rank?
North is at the top of the map, and northern states are at the top of this year's U.S. State Entrepreneurship Index from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Massachusetts is No. 1 in the SEI, an annual s…
UNL study: Mexican immigrants' politics more diverse than pundits assert
In the 2012 presidential election, seven out of 10 Latino immigrants voted for President Obama. As news pundits dissected the defeat of Mitt Romney, they dismissed the Latino vote as unattainable for the Republican Party. …
UNL study shows college students are digitally distracted in class
The typical college student plays with his or her digital device an average of 11 times a day while in class, according to a new study by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor. More than 80 percent admit that the…
April survey: Nebraska businesses expect stability, growth
Most Nebraska businesses expect sales and jobs to remain stable or to grow during the next six months, according to the latest survey conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research. …
Scientists find growing consensus: Political attitudes derive from body and mind
Do people make a rational choice to be liberal or conservative? Do their mothers raise them that way? Is it a matter of genetics? Two political scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a collea…
Biologist gains insights into genetic evolution of birds
A University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher has contributed to discoveries about bird evolution as part of a new study that sequenced the complete genomes of 45 avian species. Published Dec. 11 in the journa…


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