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$12.9 million ANDRILL grant to fund U.S. Antarctic research efforts
The National Science Foundation has awarded a $12.9 million Antarctic research grant to a consortium of five U.S. universities headed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. The grant supports an ambitious in…
Physics Today cover, article examine rare quantum physics effect
There's nothing University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicist Herman Batelaan likes more than a challenge. And there are few areas of science more challenging than working at the sub-atomic, or quantum, world, where the laws of physics are different from …
Study: U.S. church attendance steady, but makeup of churchgoers changes
U.S. church attendance rates have held relatively steady over the past three and a half decades, a new study shows. But the makeup of the nation's congregations has undergone significant changes during that same time. University of Nebraska-Lincoln …
The eyes have it: UNL study uncovers political nature of gazing habits
It goes without saying that conservatives and liberals don't see the world in the same way. Now, research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests that is exactly, and quite literally, the case. In a new study, UNL researchers measured both …
Study finds much different work histories for disability rejects, beneficiaries
Male disability applicants rejected for federal benefits tend to have lower earnings and labor force participation rates over the decade prior to applying for federal disability benefits, a new study finds. Rejected applicants also work less despite …
That's gross! Study uncovers the physical nature of disgust and politics
Most likely, you would be disgusted if confronted with a picture of a man eating a mouthful of writhing worms. Or a particularly bloody wound. Or a horribly emaciated but still living body. But just how much disgust you feel may lend important insigh…
From Ike to Obama, project studies evolution of TV campaign a
Every four years, presidential candidates join us -- regularly and repeatedly -- in our living rooms for a quick chat. They pop in, 30 seconds at a time, for virtual campaign stops in the commercial breaks of our favorite TV shows, amid the evening n…
Scientists create new form of matter that can dent diamonds
What do you get when you take buckyballs, soak them in a particular solvent and crush them under the pressure of more than 300,000 atmospheres? The obvious answer is a bunch of crushed buckyballs. But a team…
NSF award aids UNL engineer's efforts to build better solar cell
The sun provides all the energy humans could ever need. But capturing that power remains expensive and inefficient, which leaves fossil fuels as dominant energy sources. Jinsong Huang, an assistant professor…
Nebraska economic indicator drops, indicating summer weakness
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska dropped in March, falling by 0.39 percent. This decrease in the state indicator, which is designed to predict economic growth six months in the future, suggests weakness in the Nebraska e…
UNL historian explores Civil War Washington and its leader in new book
When Abraham Lincoln took his oath of office as the 16th president of the United States in March 1861, Washington, D.C., was a city under siege. The new president quickly realized that without securing the c…
February signs point to steady growth for Nebraska economy
Nebraska's economy should see moderate growth through the summer before heating up later in the year, according to the latest Leading Economic Indicator report for the state. Business expectations improved a…
Nebraska businesses expect stability and sales growth in coming months
Continuing the trend of the previous three months, most Nebraska businesses report a positive outlook for the next six months, according to the latest survey conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Rese…
UNL algorithm ranked world's best at transforming digital images to 3-D
Electrical engineers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have written the world's top-ranked algorithm for a 3-D imaging process poised to enhance robotic surgery, navigate driverless cars and assist rescue missions. …
UNL team lands grant to study school environments
Most U.S. children spend the biggest portions of their days at home or in school. While much is known about the impact of home environments on childhood development, little data exists about how the country’s school buildings affect the academic d…


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