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Nebraska economic indicator declined in March
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska declined by 0.32 percent in March, suggesting that the state's economy will grow slowly in late 2012. The small decline in the monthly indicator followed three consecutive increases betwe…
Nebraska economic indicator rises, signaling modest state growth in 2013
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska rose modestly, by 0.11 percent, in December, according to economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration. The slight incre…
Forecasters: Nebraska economy to grow modestly through 2014
State forecasters expect Nebraska's economic growth to remain modest over the next two years, helping the state maintain low unemployment and relative strength compared with the U.S. economy. In its latest l…
New class of materials discovered; could boost computer memory
An international team of scientists, including University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicist Evgeny Tsymbal, has discovered a new class of materials that could prove to be very useful in developing new methods of creating computer memory. The research te…
U.S. drought falls below 50 percent for first time in 10 months
The area of the contiguous United States in moderate drought or worse fell below 50 percent for the first time since June 19, according to the latest edition of the U.S. Drought Monitor released Thursday. He…
UNL researcher assists in recent particle decay discovery at CERN
With the discovery of a rare particle decay at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, physicists have a new incentive to continue exploration of the standard model of particle physics -- and University of Nebraska-Lincoln scie…
Study finds new pathway between social anxiety, willingness to help others
People's willingness to help others may be influenced by a gene that affects their level of social anxiety, according to a new study led by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientist. The study appears to be the first to describe t…
Study: Large, older trees keep growing at a faster rate
Contrary to long-held misconceptions, trees never stop growing during their lifespans, a new study has found. In fact, as they age, their growth accelerates, even after they've reached massive sizes. This me…
UNL computer scientists aim to improve software tools
Whether they know it or not, millions of software users are also programmers, writing spreadsheet formulas, creating websites or developing scientific models, for example. Errors are common and can be legendary, costing professiona…
Young men increasingly outnumber young women in rural Great Plains
In many rural communities hard hit by decades of population declines, young men increasingly outnumber young women, a new study of Kansas and Nebraska census data shows. In places with 800 or fewer residents, the pr…
UNL study: Do birds of a feather talk together? That depends
Birds of a feather flock together: It's an old saying that is true in many ways. But as the U.S. population becomes more diverse, those we count as our closest friends and confidants are changing as well, a new study shows. …
UNL team probes climate's impact on groundwater quality
Climate change and increasing food production demands both influence groundwater quality. To better understand the links between climate, agriculture and groundwater, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers will investigate clim…
Study highlights motherhood complexities for gay, bisexual women
In the popular narrative, motherhood among lesbians or bisexual women is usually viewed in one of two ways: non-existent, or seeking evidence of a lesbian baby boom. However, a new University of Nebraska-Lin…
UNL to lead consortium focused on studying severe weather with drones
Seeking to remain at the leading edge of severe storm research using drones, scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Colorado Boulder have formed a consortium among their research collaborators. The Unmanned Aircraft S…
Nebraska Innovation Campus announces new partners
Nebraska Innovation Campus has announced three new partners. Dan Duncan, executive director of NIC, said Hastings HVAC, Echo Canyon Services and Quantified Ag would move into space on campus later this year. “NIC and the University of Nebraska-L…


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