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UNL study looks at small hands, smaller piano keyboard
Brenda Wristen said she never gave much thought to the ergonomics of piano keyboards until she woke up one morning years ago and couldn't move her arms. She was in graduate school at Texas Tech University, and "needless to say, that got my attention…
Lincoln eighth-graders get real with bullying: Film production combines UNL research, Australian producer
Logline: When Dinah moves to a new middle school she quickly engages the wrath of Nicole -- because of a boy. Nicole's dislike is evident in small behaviors, then escalates into full-fledged harassment: rubbing powdered deodorant on Dinah's gym cloth…
UNL report: Producer services an engine for job growth in Nebraska
Nebraska has seen rapid growth in the high-wage portion of the service sector in the last decade. Since 1997, Nebraska has captured a solid share of the employment growth in "producer services"-- firms that sell services primarily to other businesses…
UNL teams up on national reading comprehension initiative
University of Nebraska-Lincoln education researchers have received a five-year, nearly $4.5 million grant to collaborate on a new national initiative to improve reading comprehension for children. The U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Educ…
Archaeological Survey begins excavation project at Hugh Butler Lake
The University of Nebraska State Museum's Nebraska Archaeological Survey began archaeological investigations in September at several prehistoric sites at Hugh Butler Lake in Frontier County. Test excavations are being conducted at five prehistoric …
Nebraska Archaeological Survey continues project at Hugh Butler Lake
The University of Nebraska State Museum's Nebraska Archaeological Survey is conducting further archaeological investigations at several prehistoric sites this summer at Hugh Butler Lake in Frontier County. Additional funds were granted recently to c…
Imagine that: How you envision others says a lot about you in real life
Quick, come up with an imaginary co-worker. Did you imagine someone who is positive, confident, and resourceful? Who rises to the occasion in times of trouble? If so, then chances are that you also display t…
Knight Foundation grant to help UNL study use of drones in news gathering
A project to explore using drones to do reporting got a boost this month when the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's drone journalism lab received a prototype grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. …
Great Plains Center announces top 10 ecotourism sites in region
The Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has announced the results of its survey to determine the top 10 ecotourist sites in the Great Plains. Early this spring the center co…
Forecasters: Nebraska economy to grow modestly in 2013, solidly in 2014
State forecasters said Friday they expect modest economic and employment growth this year in Nebraska, as well as for farm incomes to slide back from recent all-time highs and the rate of non-farm income growth to slow in 2013.…
NSF CAREER award aids UNL engineer's work on gene delivery tool
Employing DNA that codes for genes to correct genetic problems, treat disease or aid healing holds tremendous potential, but finding an effective, safe method of delivering genes to cells remains a significant hurdle. A Univers…
UNL researchers' new book tackles biological underpinnings of politics
Puzzled why Congress is so tied in knots that it would shut down government rather than compromise? Quite frankly, the divide between liberals and conservatives may not be something that responds to logi…
December indicators predict stronger economy by mid-year
Summer may bring stronger economic growth to Nebraska, according to the latest report on the state's Leading Economic Indicator. The indicator increased by 0.78 percent in December, reversing the decline rep…
UNL program builds strong parent school partnerships
An innovative program to help teachers solve classroom behavior problems also helps parents reduce temper tantrums and disobedience at home, a new study shows. The experimental program -- Conjoint Behavior C…
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator bounces back
Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator rebounded by 1.37 percent in August, reversing a decline seen in July. "The increase represents a strong upward bounce," said University of Nebraska-Lincoln economist Er…


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