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Nebraska Center for Virology gets $10.6 million NIH grant
One of Nebraska's premier research centers has received a second multi-million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health. The Nebraska Center for Virology has received $10.6 million, which will support the center over the next five years. …
Researchers included in Discover magazine's top 100 science stories
For the second time in three years, University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty members figure in two of Discover magazine's top 100 science stories of the year. The magazine ranked ecological research that involved biologist Johannes "John" Knops as the …
Study challenges belief on growth-reproduction tradeoff
A long-held assumption among biologists is that plants face a tradeoff between growth and reproduction. If they grow a lot, they have few resources left for reproduction, and vice versa. But new research based on a 13-year study indicates that's not …
Expert: Satellite collision shows need for more regulation of 'space debris'
Last week's collision between U.S. and Russian space satellites has prompted questions over who is at fault while highlighting the need for stronger international regulation of space debris, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor and internationa…
UNL involvement in Large Hadron Collider startup
The first particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva, Switzerland, took place Nov. 23 and the high-energy physics team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is already at work…
Sandoz, Cather, campus scandal in Great Plains Quarterly spring issue
In the spring issue of Great Plains Quarterly, a scholarly journal published by the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers wrote about domestic violence in Mari Sandoz's "The Tom-Walker," land maps in Willa…
Brassil's CAREER award supports food web work
The complexity of a food web -- the relationships among species and what they eat -- is a key indicator of the health of an ecosystem. Climate change may tip this delicate balance. Chad Brassil, an assistant professor of biological sciences at the …
Collaboration leads to discovery, confirmation of unexpected form of ice
Water is the most abundant liquid on Earth, but the more scientists study it, the more surprises they seem to find. That's nowhere more true than with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Xiao Cheng Zeng and his collaborators. A pioneer in the study…
Report: State's workforce is prepared for growth of green-collar jobs
Nebraska's workforce is well-positioned to meet an expected demand for green-collar jobs in the coming years, according to a new analysis by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research. The report, prepared by UNL for a six-stat…
Northern Cheyenne ag, Nebraska suffrage, beekeeping in GP Quarterly
In the spring issue of Great Plains Quarterly, an academic journal published by the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers wrote about the construction of the Northern Cheyenne Reservatio…
Nebraska economic indicator rises, signaling modest state growth in 2013
The Leading Economic Indicator for Nebraska rose modestly, by 0.11 percent, in December, according to economists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration. The slight incre…
Study: Young men who feel body shame less hopeful about relationships
It's no longer just Barbie dolls that evoke a sense of unattainable beauty. Now, it seems G.I. Joe's biceps and six-pack abs are doing the same. Increasingly, objectification and heightened masculinity in images of men is saturatin…
Study: Large, older trees keep growing at a faster rate
Contrary to long-held misconceptions, trees never stop growing during their lifespans, a new study has found. In fact, as they age, their growth accelerates, even after they've reached massive sizes. This me…
Students leverage Nebraska Lit Lab to gain digital insights on Cather
How closely does the narration of Willa Cather's novels match the personal voice in her private letters? Which unsigned and pseudonymous newspaper and magazine articles did Cather pen during her journalism career? And did Cather's …
UNL team probes climate's impact on groundwater quality
Climate change and increasing food production demands both influence groundwater quality. To better understand the links between climate, agriculture and groundwater, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers will investigate clim…


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