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BIG RED Ideas: Ian Cottingham

Ian CottinghamI study approaches to software architecture and data modeling that can be incorporated into application and system development to support gaining insight from and making decisions with big data. When developing software, teams can gather metrics for performance, quality, and practice of the teams. Continue reading…

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More BIG News: A Memo to the American People from U.S. Chief Data Scientist Dr. DJ Patil: Overview: What Is Data Science, and Why Does It Matter?

Dr. DJ Patil, U.S. Chief Data ScientistMy role as the U.S. CDS will be to responsibly source, process, and leverage data in a timely fashion to enable transparency, provide security, and foster innovation for the benefit of the American public, in order to maximize the nation’s return on its investment in data.

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BIG Events

BIG EventsFood Leaders Summit
Computational Social Science Summit
Applied Statistics Symposium Graybill Conference
LISA15 Continue reading…

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