CBA Employer in Residence - VMInnovations, November 13

This week's CBA Employer in Residence is VMInnovations on Tuesday, November 13.
This week's CBA Employer in Residence is VMInnovations on Tuesday, November 13.

This week's CBA Employer in Residence is VMInnovations. Learn about career opportunities at this fast-growing Lincoln-based ecommerce start-up on Tuesday, November 13 at 9 AM-3 PM in the CBA Atrium.

VMInnovations: Work Differently

Where and How you work should be a choice. At VMInnovations we choose to Work Differently.

Choosing Growth and Change over Stagnancy

Mixing VMInnovations’ desire to exceed expectations and the boom of eCommerce has proven to be a recipe for success.

VMInnovations was founded as a Lincoln Startup in 2006. In the last 6 years we have established ourselves as a leading retailer in the eCommerce industry. Our growth rate has consistently well exceeded a 40% to reach $70 Million in sales this year and we have expanded to operate in 3 states.

Choosing Dedication and Discipline over Drifting

VMInnovations employees take pride in our unified commitment to OUR Company. With a small team of 35 employees there is no time for drifting or falling through the cracks. New employees are met at the door with responsibility and opportunity. As a Startup, VMInnovations offers its employees ownership of significant tasks that other companies may spread amongst hundreds of employees.

Choosing Collaboration over a Cubicle

It takes strong teamwork for 35 people to run VMInnovations. We have created an environment of collaboration with our open, relaxed office and little bureaucracy. Separation between departments is often blurry as projects are a collaboration of ideas and efforts. We believe this communication and collaboration lead us towards Innovation.

Choosing Innovation over Compliance

VM Employees are not bound by decades of rules and procedure. In fact, Innovation is so vital we put it in our name. We depend on the ideas of our employees at all levels to push us beyond the competition. eCommerce evolves continuously and quickly, and our success depends on our ability to do the same. VMInnovations employees are encouraged to ask “Why?” of our operations and to propose innovative solutions.

Choosing Jeans over Suit and Tie

VM culture is: Hardworking, Passionate, and Relentless and We believe there is time to work hard and play hard. We enjoy a comfortable, casual work atmosphere that builds strong employee relationships. Company trips to Kansas City, days at the lake boating, and activities like kickball tournaments extend these friendships outside the office.

VMInnovations is always looking for energetic leaders to join our team. We offer full time position in Account Management, Customer Experience, Operations, Accounting, Marketing, and IT.

Join us November 13th in the CBA Atrium from 9 am to 3 pm to learn about Career opportunities.