Connect with elite financial recruiters through the Bloomberg BAT

Dear Students,
It's no surprise Bloomberg has had more than 100,000 students take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) in the past 2 years. The BAT is a two hour, 100 multiple choice question exam that tests your aptitude for a career in finance across 8 performance areas (News Analysis, Economics, Math Skills, Analytical Reasoning, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Banking, Global Markets and Chart and Graph Analysis). After taking the BAT, your score is anonymously entered into our BAT database, which recruiters search daily to connect with candidates for internship and entry-level positions. Over the past two years, there have been over 25,000 connections between employers and BAT test takers. This semester, University of Nebraska- Lincoln is partnering with Bloomberg to bring the BAT to campus.

Bloomberg BRIEFS
As an added benefit, all BAT test-takers receive a complimentary six month subscription to Bloomberg Briefs, Bloomberg's premium newsletter offering (valued at $2,000 to the tens of thousands of hedge fund and Portfolio Manager managers and banker subscribers). In order for you to benefit from this opportunity, just be sure to take the BAT. Briefs will help you, as a student, sound smarter in interviews. So the sooner you take advantage of this, the better!

The pack includes the daily Economics Brief and Mergers brief along with the weekly Private Equity and Hedge Fund Briefs. We hope that it helps you with your job search and first round interviews.

Connect with Alumni
Bloomberg will also message all University of Nebraska- Lincoln Alumni that are Bloomberg users to notify them of your university's recent session and the anonymous profiles available in the database. This will put your candidacy directly in front of key decision makers at elite firms in the finance world during this crucial time in recruiting season.

To find out more about the BAT, visit To register for the upcoming session, please click the link below.
Session Details
Date: Tuesday, September 20th
Time: 1:30PM
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