NMSSI Courses for Primarily Math Teachers

NMSSI MATH 896 Problem Solving with Kyla Hall (center)
NMSSI MATH 896 Problem Solving with Kyla Hall (center)

NMSSI Courses for Primarily Math Teachers

Good afternoon Primarily Math teachers,

Are you considering taking a graduate course this summer, either to make progress toward earning a master’s degree or just because you want to continue learning mathematics? If so, you will be pleased to learn that the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes is offering several mathematics courses that will complement your Primarily Math coursework.

To support Primarily Math teachers who want to continue to strengthen their mathematical knowledge for teaching, from now through May 4, we are protecting funds sufficient to award 30 fellowships of $360 each to Primarily Math teachers who enroll in one of the mathematics courses described below:

* MATH 800T: Math as a Second Language (Ainsworth, Hastings, Scottsbluff)
* MATH 896: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in the Elementary Classroom (Lincoln, Norfolk, Omaha), or
* MATH 896: Algebraic Thinking for the K-4 Classroom (Grand Island).

When combined with the 20 percent discount awarded to all Nebraska teachers, this enables Primarily Math teachers to take a 3-credit hour, graduate level course for only $300 in tuition (plus fees) – compared with more than $825 for standard in-state, graduate tuition.

Courses will be offered in seven Nebraska locations. While these are outstanding courses for Primarily Math teachers, they also are accessible to other K-5 mathematics teachers. Help strengthen mathematics teaching in your building by encouraging other elementary teachers to consider registering for one of these courses. While we are not specifically reserving tuition fellowships for other teachers, they are eligible to apply for a tuition fellowship.

One of the courses eligible for the fellowship for Primarily Math teachers, MATH 896: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in the Elementary Classroom, will be offered in three locations in Summer 2012 (Class # 3026 in Norfolk, Class # 3365 in Omaha and Class # 3029 in Lincoln). The course was designed and taught in Summer 2011 by Kyla Hall, a fifth-grade teacher for Lincoln Public Schools, with support provided by a UNL mathematics graduate student and a faculty member. In Summer 2012, Kyla will teach the course in Omaha (June 18-22) and Lincoln (July 9-13). Kyla earned her master’s degree as a participant in the Math in the Middle graduate program. The section in Norfolk (June 18-25) will be taught by Edie Ronhovde, a sixth grade teacher at Fremont Middle School. Edie is also a Math in the Middle graduate and a Noyce Master Teaching Fellow.

The course seeks to build a strong foundation for the teaching and communication of mathematical concepts by the hands-on development of critical-thinking skills via problem-solving experiences. It provides a guided opportunity for the implementation of problem-solving instruction that is aligned with the new Nebraska mathematics standards in both the primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5) elementary classroom.

Here are what teachers who took the class in Summer 2011 had to say about the benefits of the course:

"I am leaving with fantastic resources. I have an understanding of the math and how to implement problem solving. I think the handouts are incredibly valuable."

"Looking at the NeSA and objective cards for second and fourth grade plus standards gives me a better idea of what they already know and where I need to get them."

"This course expanded my confidence and challenged me to challenge my students at a deeper level."

"It cemented the idea I love math!"

Other courses for elementary teachers are also being offered this summer (see additional stories below about MATH 800T and MATH 896: Algebraic Thinking for the K-4 Classroom). Check the course catalog online for more upper elementary/middle level course options.

Visit our website http://scimath.unl.edu/nmssi for steps on how to enroll in these courses and apply for tuition assistance. Please let Lindsay Augustyn know if you plan to take any of these courses: laugustyn2@unl.edu.

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More details at: http://go.unl.edu/ran

Benefits of these NMSSI Courses

NMSSI CourseFor all one- or two-week-long NMSSI courses, Nebraska teachers automatically qualify for a fellowship equal to 20 percent of the cost of in-state tuition and the $50 fee for graduate school admission is waived. Additional fellowships are available on a competitive basis. Lunch is also provided. Continue reading…

More details at: http://go.unl.edu/ran
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