NebraskaMATH Newsletter - March 2015

Math 812T: Geometry for Geometry Teachers
Math 812T: Geometry for Geometry Teachers

Be a lifelong learner: Enroll in a UNL graduate course this summer

Planning to take a graduate course this summer to continue your professional development or to get one step closer to earning your master’s degree? Registration opens today for summer courses at UNL.

To enroll in UNL graduate courses, follow the four steps outlined on the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes website, This year we are offering 30 courses across the state and online to meet your professional development needs. Check out our course catalog, which supplies the needed class numbers for either Teach Nebraska registration or MyRED. The NMSSI Fellowship Application is also now open at

(Note to returning students: It's possible that MyRED has assigned you an enrollment date depending on your current status so please take note of that if you are not able to register today.)

The complete course catalog for the 2015 Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes (NMSSI) is now available on our NMSSI website and in UNL's MyRED registration system. Encourage your colleagues to join you in taking an NMSSI course and increase the impact of your PD on your building and district.

Summer registration opens today, March 9. If you have taken NMSSI courses before, go to MyRED to complete the registration process. If you first need to apply to UNL's Graduate Studies, click on the blue Apply link on the Teach Nebraska website

For all on-site NMSSI courses, current Nebraska teachers automatically qualify for a tuition fellowship from UNL equal to 20 percent of in-state, graduate tuition. Additionally, Nebraska K-12 teachers can apply for supplemental NMSSI Fellowships to further defray tuition costs for NMSSI courses. See our NMSSI website for details.

In addition to courses offered on the UNL campus in Lincoln, we are partnering with 10 Educational Service Units and local school districts to offer courses for mathematics teachers in these Nebraska locations: Beatrice, Columbus, Fremont (course TBA), Grand Island, Hastings, Holdrege, Kearney, McCook, Omaha and Scottsbluff. University faculty and master teachers drawn from K-12 teacher ranks will serve as course instructors.

To broaden our ability to serve teachers, three math classes for teachers will be offered online in Summer 2015. Information about these courses is available on the NMSSI website. Please note that our agreement with the university does not permit us to extend the 20 percent tuition reduction to online courses.

The availability of NMSSI courses has led to an increase in the number of math teachers who earn a master’s degree. To learn more about opportunities to earn a master’s degree that emphasizes learning math for teaching, visit

Math teachers interested in pursuing a master’s degree now have the option of pursuing a fully online Mathematics Master's program ( This option gives teachers a new flexibility to accomplish their education goals. The online MAT program is designed to help teachers strengthen their skills in pedagogy and deepen their knowledge of the mathematics they teach.

Check out the NMSSI website at for updates on course offerings, information about registration, and information about fellowship applications.

Be a lifelong learner.
Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education


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