Resilience Makes Nebraska Strong

Karen Wobig
Karen Wobig

While Lancaster County may have avoided widespread disaster with the flooding and its aftermath experienced by many other counties in Nebraska, we have shared support and resources to our neighbors. The educational programming provided by Extension staff enables counties to better withstand these nature-related catastrophes. Accolades, however, are to be given to Nebraska residents for their ability to withstand adversity and come out on the other side stronger and better prepared for future happenings.

Resilience is the measure of the amount of disturbance a system can withstand before it collapses. Nebraskans bounce back from natural disasters time and time again. Resiliency is important for families and sustainability in our agriculture, landscapes and natural resources.

Working together, sharing expertise and planning for the future enable our cities, counties and state to continue to prosper and grow. This makes “Nebraska Strong!”

—Karen Wobig, Extension Educator & Unit Leader