FARM & ACREAGE — Tree seedlings available for spring planting

Bare-root tree seedlings, for establishment or renovation of tree plantings, are available through your local Natural Resource District office November through March on a first-come basis, as long as supplies last. Go to to locate your local NRD’s website, then find their Conservation Tree Program.

A minimum order of 25 seedlings is required, with plants sold in bundles of 25 each. Plants cost approximately 90 cents each, plus tax and handling. If 25 of one species is more than you need, then talk with your neighbors. Maybe you can place a joint order and split the bundles. 

You must pick up your tree seedlings when they arrive at the NRD office in spring.

Nebraska Extension has a series of publications which provide guidance on windbreak design and renovation. They are online at Find them by typing “windbreak” into the search box.

Also available from Nebraska Forest Service and Nebraska Statewide Arboretum: 
• Care of Newly Planted Trees (G1195),
• Trees for Eastern Nebraska,
• Trees for Western Nebraska,
• Windbreak Design (G1304),