4-H & YOUTH — Rabbit Clinic and Tattooing Opportunity, June 8

Rabbit Tattoo Opportunity 17.jpg

There will be a 4-H Rabbit Clinic and Tattooing Opportunity presented by the Rabbit VIPS Committee on Saturday, June 8, 9–11 a.m. at the Lancaster Extension Education Center, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Lincoln. Open to all youth ages 8 & up.

Tattoos will cost $1 per rabbit. Rabbits must have a legible permanent tattoo in left ear before coming to the Lancaster County Super Fair. No tattooing allowed on fairgrounds. The tattoo must be on the completed affidavit (due by June 15) and indicated during the online fair entry process (due by July 1). This clinic will also give youth the opportunity to learn more about rabbit care and showing rabbits, as well as ask questions. Come join us to get ready for showing rabbits at the Lancaster County Super Fair!