College of Law Sounding Block

Kansas City Here We Come!

Nebraska Law Career Services Office will host Off-Campus Interviews in Kansas City on Friday, August 10th for returning students. Invitations are going out to KC area employers today. Mark your calendars and stay-tuned for more information. Continue reading…

Looking for Peace and Quiet?

Rich Leiter
There are two places in the law library that are designated as "Quiet Study," the Schmid Reading Room on the second floor, east side, and the Great Plains Tax Library, second floor, south side. These areas are not for group studying or socializing.... Please respect the peace and quiet of these areas. Continue reading…

Occupy Law School: Thursday, April 5th

Bring your lunch and join ACS, EJS and Professor Wilson for an engaging conversation about how (or if) the Occupy movement is making a difference in the U.S.

The discussion will include Who are "the 99%"? What is "Occupy"? and What does this movement mean for lawyers? Continue reading…

FREE PIZZA and a Panel Discussion: INNOCENCE

Innocence ProjectAre there really people in the prison system that are INNOCENT?

Could you defend someone on death row that says they are innocent? How do you get involved? Is there really courtroom misconduct? Eyewitness flaws? Failure in DNA evidence?

If you are curious and want to learn more ... Continue reading…

Originally published April 2, 2012 - Submit an Item