Vote for AIR@NE in STEM for All Video Showcase

Vote for AIR@NE in STEM for All Video Showcase

Vote for our video "AIR@NE: K-8 Computer Science" for the People's Choice Award in the STEM for All Video Showcase from May 11-18:

Researchers, practitioners, policy makers, informal educators, and parents interested in enhancing STEM education are invited to take part in this free, interactive, eight-day event, showcasing federally funded projects to improve STEM and computer science education. All are welcome to view, discuss, and vote for favorites from May 11-18.

The online event,, provides an opportunity to hear how programs across the nation have addressed the challenges posed by COVID and related school closures, particularly in underserved communities.

The AIR@NE grant, is one of 287 3-minute videos submitted this year, and joins over 1,100 presenters and co-presenters who have come together to share videos. More than half of the presentations address racial or gender inequities and provide strategies to broaden participation and quality experiences for students of all ages, from the youngest elementary students to those pursuing graduate degrees. Collectively they provide a comprehensive introduction to the creative work being done across the nation to improve STEM education in both formal and informal environments.

"The video we submitted this year features UNL’s AIR@NE program, which provides computer science and computational thinking professional development to K-8 Nebraska teachers. One of our basic premises is that we broaden participation and increase students’ opportunities for STEM careers when all students have the chance to learn computer science and computational thinking starting in kindergarten," said Wendy Smith, co-Principal Investigator for the grant. "The STEM for All Video Showcase contains hundreds of short videos about all sorts of projects. We encourage you to use the filters on the website to be able to view videos most relevant to your own context, such as mentoring, workforce development, citizen science, or specific math or science standards. If you spot an interesting project you’d like to bring to Nebraska, feel free to contact us."

Visitors to the site can filter the presentations by grade level, organization, state, keywords, or audience type to find those of greatest interest. In addition to discussing the videos, all visitors can vote for their favorite presentations. At the end of the event, presentations that received the most votes will be identified as "Public Choice" winners.

While most of the projects presented are funded by the National Science Foundation, there are also presentations from projects funded by 8 other federal agencies, including ED, NASA, NIH, NOAA, IMLS, US Dept. of State, ONR, and USDA.

Last year's STEM for All Video Showcase is still being accessed, and to date has had over 87,500 unique visitors from 181 countries.

The STEM for All Video Showcase is funded by NSF #1922641. Opinions expressed on this site are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the National Science Foundation.

Originally published May 11, 2021 - Submit an Item