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Streaming Science
Streaming Science

Streaming Science's mobile field trip scheduled for Tuesday

Streaming Science is an undergraduate student-driven project-based learning science literacy program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The mission of Streaming Science is to introduce public audiences, especially middle and high school students and teachers, to real-world scientists and critical agricultural and environmental research through multiple interactive communication platforms.

The second round of the Streaming Science: Ranches, Rivers, and Rats mobile electronic field trip is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24.

The mobile field trip will go LIVE for middle and high school audiences at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. CST.

Register for class here:

You can download the Teacher's Guide on the website, as well as check out the original pilot recording of Ranches, Rivers, and Rats:

Through a series of courses and experiences, UNL Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication students are developing videos, podcasts, and live interactive electronic field trips with iPad multimedia backpack communication kits. We invite you to watch their videos, listen to the podcasts, and engage with science topics that impact your everyday life.

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