OLLI FRIDAY HAPPENINGS: OLLI Summer Programs Offers a New Adventure in Learning

Designed for lifelong learners 50 years plus
Designed for lifelong learners 50 years plus

OLLI's summer program offers a new adventure in learning

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, otherwise known as OLLI at UNL, is continuing its tradition of learning by offering summer programming, including a few in-person courses, to virtual classes online through ZOOM and CANVAS. OLLI is a program at UNL designed specifically for people age 50 years and older.

Online registration begins on Tuesday, May 19. A new or renewing membership is $25, valid through July 31, 2020. The summer catalog is available online at https://olli.unl.edu.

With the coronavirus outbreak in the spring, OLLI shifted from in-person courses and events to online learning. “OLLI has traditionally offered in-person courses and events since its inception in 2004,” said Dee Aguilar, OLLI coordinator. “Our program is designed to give older adults opportunities to continue learning well into retirement and socialize with others,” said Aguilar. “The coronavirus situation required that we rethink how we deliver programming,” she stated.

“Our previous experience in virtual learning was live-streaming lectures in a classroom, so this was a huge shift for our staff and our members,” stated Aguilar. “We have been pleasantly surprised at the number of OLLI members who have decided to join us in a new adventure in online learning,” she stated.

There is a wide variety of courses and other opportunities to remain engaged in learning this summer through OLLI at UNL. A few in-person courses with limited enrollment are tentatively planned for mid-July.

“We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and will make changes if necessary,” said Aguilar.

Programming includes courses on ZOOM, an online platform for video conferencing. Lectures and discussions will be live-streamed on topics such as health and fitness, aging, photography, navigating social media, choosing the federal judiciary and others. ZOOM events are scheduled for participants to watch and discuss several selected movies, and OLLI has created “party lines” to engage people in conversation on topics of their choosing.

Courses on CANVAS, an online platform to watch pre-recorded video, is available for a single cost of $30. Programming includes over 50 courses on topics ranging from gardening, politics, history, UNL lectures, health and fitness, TED talks, virtual tours of national landmarks and more.

After registration, participants will be emailed links to ZOOM and CANVAS, plus a “join code” for CANVAS, as well as instructions on how to access and use these online platforms.

“We are encouraging older adults in the community to remain active in mind and body,” said Aguilar. “We hope that others will join us and take advantage of this new way of learning,” she said.

View the summer catalog, get instructions for ZOOM and CANVAS, and register for courses at https://olli.unl.edu

More details at: http://https//olli.unl.edu
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