Procurement Services Newsletter | Volume 1, Number 3

UNL Department Inventory

As a reminder to Departmental Property Managers, the annual equipment inventory verification listings will be sent to you during the first part of January. Please pay special attention to the “Please Return By” date in the top left corner. Continue reading…


Delivery Point Address Crucial on eSHOP

Please make sure your delivery point address includes your departmental description when you order in eSHOP. This information is used by Inventory & Asset Management for records and tags on the assets your department acquires.


Meet Our Team

Sue CuddebackSue Cuddeback is the Software Distribution Manager with Procurement Services. She worked for over 13 years in University of Nebraska-Lincoln Shared Services as a Desktop Support Specialist and Systems Administrator before transitioning to Procurement three years ago. Continue reading…

Originally published January 6, 2017 - Submit an Item