Virtual Static Exhibit Must Be Entered Online Between July 21 and July 28, 8 p.m.

Static Exhibit Check In 19.jpg

This year, instead of in-person static exhibits, families must take photos and/or videos of each exhibit and submit entries online at 4-H families and youth may submit entries. Static exhibit entries may be submitted online starting on Tuesday, July 21. Deadline is Tuesday, July 28, 8 p.m. No late entries will be accepted. The process starts in ShoWorks and automatically switches to Fair Vault for uploading files (both of these web-based software are integrated with the 4-HOnline).

Details about what is required for each virtual entry by department and class and how to include the supporting information are available at

Be sure to include required additional information, recipe cards, data tags, etc. in your virtual entry. See 4-H/FFA Fair Book for detailed entry requirements for each class.

• Home Environment Supporting Information Tag for each home environment exhibit. Note: “Quilt Designs Other Than Fabric” exhibits also use this tag.
• Food Preservation Card for each food preservation item.
• Photography Data Tag for each photography exhibit.

4-H Clover Kids (ages 5–7) need to include their name and brief description of item (up to 5 items).