Animal Science offers natural fertilizer for sale

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For the third season, Animal Science is selling natural fertilizer to area gardeners. Cost is $3 per one-cubic- foot bag and in bulk at $70 for one cubic yard.

The fertilizer is made from a mix of horse, poultry and small animal excrement. UNL purchased two digesters rather than haul the manure to other university farm sites. The program has reduced animal waste hauling expenses by an estimated 30 percent.

The manure mix is designed as a soil conditioner and fertilizer. The nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium mix is a minimum 1-2-1. The product is easy to apply, safe and odorless.

The fertilizer is available for pick-up noon to 4 p.m., Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the East Campus poultry house. For more information, call (402) 472-2054.