Name: Talia Rose Halperin
Major: International Business
Minor: Global Studies, Japanese, Economics
Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
Year at UNL: Sophomore

Favorite book and why: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The characters are so witty, and the plot is so creative and interesting.
Favorite dish/food and why: Sushi because I love raw fish. Tuna is my favorite.

Why Global Studies? I chose Global Studies as a minor because I knew I wanted to take classes about would cultures and international relations to help augment my international business education. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the Asian history classes I’ve taken as well as the political science classes. I’m looking forward to hopefully taking an anthropology class as well.

Tell us about your study abroad/internship experience: Since starting at UNL, I have studied abroad in Osaka, Japan and Panama. In Japan, I took an intensive Japanese course and got to travel around the Kansai area, visiting Kobe, and Kyoto. I had a lot of fun eating sushi with friends and going to the public baths. I went to Panama through CBA to assist a small farm owner in creating a business plan to harvest her teak trees. This year I will be studying abroad in both Paris, France and Oxford, England.

What are you post-graduation plans? I hope to have a career that will allow me to travel, either for pleasure or for work. I intend to either find a job or apply for a fellowship or other program that will allow me to study or work in a foreign country.