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UNL BeefWatch

UNL BeefWatch May 2013

Possible Grasshopper Problems in Nebraska

USDA's 2013 Rangeland Grasshopper Hazard Map.Sunny weather, warm soil, spring is here! With the arrival of spring also comes the hatching of grasshoppers. Some areas of Nebraska are at high risk for serious grasshopper infestations this year, based on the 2012 fall adult grasshopper surveys conducted by the Animal Plant Health Inspection Ser Continue reading…

NUBeef-Anatomy App Educates Across Professions

NUBeef-Anatomy App.A new app from NUBeef takes the user inside the carcasses of beef cattle.

NUBeef-Anatomy allows users to navigate through the anatomy of beef cattle and learn more about bones and muscles found in the carcass. The app functions as a digital beef anatomy textbook, said Steven Jones, professor of ani Continue reading…

Forage and Grazing Tips

Is the drought over?  Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.IS THE DROUGHT OVER?
You received some moisture in the last several weeks – maybe rain, snow, or even ice. When it warms up, grass will turn green. So is the drought over? If you think so, or act like it’s over, you could have trouble ahead.

Recent moisture certai Continue reading…

Control Flies on Cattle Early

Mist blower sprayer.  Photo courtesy of Dave Boxler.Horn and stable flies are common pests. The warm weather will cause flies to hatch early, so now is the time to start thinking about control. Controlling flies before they are a problem (early in the season) will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Dave Boxler, UNL Extension, has been conduc Continue reading…

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