UNL BeefWatch September 2018

Making Silage from Late Season Hail Damaged Corn

IMG_1893 Hailed corn Troy Walz.jpgThe first step in dealing with hail damage is to contact your insurance agent, so that you know what is required to meet obligations for hail or revenue insurance.

HIGH MOISTURE FEED OPTIONS TO GET IT OUT OF THE FIELD EARLIER. Making hailed corn into corn silage can be a good option for those with Continue reading…


Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Focus on Transportation

Incorporating good stockmanship during sorting, loading and unloading can assist in reducing bruising. Photo courtesy of Troy Walz.Transportation plays an important role in cattle production. The majority of cattle in the United States have been transported with a stock trailer or semi cattle truck at least once in their life time.

Data on transportation was collected in the 2016 National Beef Quality Audits for both fed ca Continue reading…


Timing Manure Application to Avoid Neighbor Nuisances

Watching a weather forecast before land applying manure can reduce your neighbors’ odor exposure.Roughly half of all neighbor complaints of livestock odors originate from land application of manure. A weather forecast and a little knowledge of odor dilution can be a powerful tool for keeping your neighbors happy, or at least avoiding those irate phone calls. This article summarizes those weathe Continue reading…

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