Student Spotlight: Jace Kranau

Jace Kranau
Jace Kranau

Name: Jace Kranau

Hometown: Blue Hill, Nebraska

Major: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

Anticipated date of graduation: May 2019

Why did you decide to come to University of Nebraska-Lincoln?
My family has been coming to the Husker football games for years, so the university’s city campus seemed a little like home. Even with knowing some of the ins and outs of city campus, I was not 100-percent ready to attend Nebraska. Once I toured East Campus, I felt a sense of community and family. The city campus life was something which made me fearful as an incoming freshman, so having a campus where I felt not so much like a ‘small fish in a big ocean’ was comforting. With growing up a Husker fan, I wanted to attend UNL to continue to support and watch Husker athletics. While football games are an exciting and memorable experience, the women’s volleyball games were what I was the most excited about. Not only sporting events, but the high academic standards of Nebraska and the Big Ten Conference were appealing to me.

What is your favorite thing about the university?
With a diverse community on campus, I have been able to meet a number of individuals (students and staff) whom I have learned life-lessons from, been able to broaden my way of thinking, and been challenged to strive for my goals. Above all, my favorite aspect of UNL is the William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community (WHT). I cannot fail to mention how fortunate I am to be a member of and a scholarship recipient for this Learning Community. This community has benefited me in ways I will never fully be able to articulate, and it is one reason why I have been able to achieve success at UNL.

What is your favorite class and why?
As of now, the course which has impacted me the most is Principles of Ecology (BIOS 220) with Dr. Leon Higley. This course allowed me to think critically and come to assumptions based on fact, not opinion. Dr. Higley created an atmosphere where the only wrong answers were answers not supported with credible research and facts. This approach to teaching has allowed me to think for myself and to become a better member of society and a premier scholar. After completing this course, no other lecture has been able to meet the level of self-thinking and problem solving, but I am confident I will take courses similar to this in the future.

What are your plans following graduation?
My plans after graduation are still in the pre-mature stage. This summer I am planning on doing an internship to help guide me in the right direction and gain experience. After this summer, I hope to have a more defined path leading to my professional career.

What is life like outside of school?
Outside of school, I am a Mentor to incoming freshman for the WHT Scholars Learning Community as well as the Co-Vice President and Treasurer for the WHT Executive Committee. Additionally, I am a shoe- and running-apparel salesman at the Lincoln Running Company. I am an avid long-distance runner and am working on a goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states. As for clubs on campus, I am on the UNL men’s club volleyball team. Cheering on the Huskers, especially football and volleyball, is something I do quite regularly.

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