4-H - Lancaster County - August 16

Congratulations to All 4-H Youth at Super Fair!

Poultry Showmanship at 2019 Lancaster County Super FairCONGRATULATIONS to all the amazing 4-H’ers who participated in the recent Lancaster County Super Fair! All 4-H’ers should feel proud of their accomplishments — completing projects, working hard, helping others, learning new skills and making new friends. You are all purple ribbon youth!

Thank You Super Fair Volunteers!

All of the multi-generational 4-H superintendents, volunteers and judges who helped during static exhibit interview judging at the 2019 Lancaster County Super Fair.THANK YOU to all the incredible volunteers who helped youth participate in the fair! Thank you for all you do — the help you give before, during and after the fair is unbelievable! We absolutely could not do it without you!

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