Student Spotlight: Michaela Minton

Michaela Minton
Michaela Minton

Michaela Minton is a Junior Communication Studies major with minors in Gerontology and Leadership.

How did you find Communication Studies?
Freshman year I enrolled in COMM 101 to fill an ACE requirement and immediately loved how broad the communication field was. I was able to take my own path within Communication Studies and began to study the things I was really passionate about. The number of COMM classes offered at UNL allows me to study all different kinds of communication and see what areas interest me the most. I have loved being able to learn about all the different fields within the major and the roads people take.

What do you like most about being a Communication Studies major?
The thing I love most about being a Communication Studies major is the number of doors this major opens for me. I am not tied down to one area of study but can develop throughout my career. This major has allowed me to explore my passions and tie them to my Communication Studies major. I know that no matter what career path I choose my major will be a vital asset in helping me succeed. I also enjoy getting to meet the faculty and staff in the communication department. Being able to interact with them inside and outside the classroom has been one of my favorite memories while being a student at UNL. Each teacher has a different interest in the communication field and I love being able to listen to the research and studies being developed by faculty.

What is your favorite class?
While I have loved all of my communication classes at UNL one that really stands out to me is Communication and Aging. Being a Gerontology minor, this class was able to tie my love for both fields together. I was able to apply this class to other classes I was taking with Gerontology. This class opened my eyes to the possibilities and career paths that I can take with my Communication major and Gerontology minor.

What are some of the cool experiences you have had as a student at UNL?
A cool experience I have been able to take part in while being an undergraduate at UNL is being a member of the Greek community. Being a member of a sorority has allowed me to build connections with people that I might have never gotten the chance to meet. The girls in my sorority all have different majors and passions that drive them to succeed, something that inspires me every day. Coming to UNL I was intimidated by the large campus but being part of the Greek community has helped me feel more comfortable. I am constantly surrounded by women who support me and push me to work harder. This has been such a blessing and something I will always remember from my time at UNL.

What are your post-graduation plans?
I do not have a set plan for post-graduation. Communication Studies is such a broad field with multiple opportunities to grow in any field-which is why I love it! I think it would be a fun experience to work for a company that focuses on the well being of elders and increasing their role in society. This would allow me to utilize my Communication major and Gerontology minor. I would also enjoy working in a leadership position within a company to help me grow my skills in leading a team. The top goal I have for my future career is to be able to work with people and develop my communication skills everyday!

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