2018 Orientation Leader Nominations

The 2018 Orientation Leader recruitment campaign is about to begin. Orientation Leader applications are open October 11th through November 7th. NSE is asking for students that will be sophomores or juniors in good academic standing that you think would make a good Orientation Leader. Seniors can also apply as along as they are not graduating in May 2018 or December 2018. NSE will accept transfer students in their first term. NSE will sent a personal letter to each of these students letting them know that a Faculty of Staff member thinks they would make a great applicant for Orientation Leader. NSE hopes to get a large and diverse applicant pool and asks for assistance cultivating this pool. Please send Jenni Brost student names and NUIDs no later than October 6th at 5:00pm.

More details at: https://nse.unl.edu/